Canadiens vs. Senators Top Six Minutes: Habs powerless versus Sens

The Canadiens were going tor two wins in a row, but the referees prevented that from happening.


  • I've grown accustomed to not seeing Carey Price in the lineup at this point, same cannot be said for P.K. Subban whom I miss dearly.
  • Tonight I'm debuting the Mike Brown Deterrence Tracker, we're gonna to keep track of how many dirty hits and plays by the Senators go un-punished with Brown in the lineup.
  • Also in fun news, Nikita Scherbak is on the IceCaps fourth line, so there's that.

1st period

  • Ben Scrivens vs Andrew Hammond, a goalie match-up that will go down in history I'm sure.
  • Raise your hand if you forgot Dion Phaneuf was a Senator, because I totally did.
  • Injury to an official, and immediately the next whistle results in Michael McCarron staring down Phaneuf in a scrum
  • Of course Pageau scored and OF COURSE IT WAS SHORT HANDED
  • It took less than a full period for Neil and Brown to "fight" and get momentum or some nonsense
  • It looks like Nathan Beaulieu was hurt blocking a shot because Montreal is not allowed more than 3 NHL-caliber defencemen at any time.
  • Don Cherry talking about the Budweiser red light is a perfect metaphor, both are brightly colored things that make a lot of annoying noise./

2nd Period

  • Ben Scrviens has no time for Chris Neil's shenanigans, giving him a good shove after he crashes the net.
  • Has Phaneuf ever not left his feet to deliver a hit?
  • Also Sportsnet praising a predatory hit, it's pretty obvious the hit was to Andrighetto's head.
  • The Sens then give up a great scoring chance with too many men on the ice because
  • Somehow the Habs give up ANOTHER shorthanded goal, and bust Curtis Lazar's goal dought
  • Darren Dietz with an outstanding defensive play to stop a Mark Stone scoring chance is the highlight of this game so far.
  • This game is also painfully boring and I'm slowly drifting towards the NCAA hockey games on TV./

3rd Period

  • I think if I hear one more nonsensical side story about the Sens players I'm going to vomit and then throw my laptop out the window.
  • I'm not entirely sure how Emelin got a penalty for his hit on Lazar but the Sens have open season on the Habs.
  • I turned away to grab a drink and came back in time to see Marc Methot score, whatever the hell that was.
  • Then Andrei Markov takes a puck in the face because this team is incurably cursed.
  • Three shorthanded goals, there are no words at this point just end the season.
  • Ten games, there's just ten games left of this nonsense
  • Poor Darren Dietz is going to get scratched for drawing a penalty.
  • Well at least Hoffman's goal wasn't shorthanded?/

Here's Lars Eller and Subban hugging

EOTP Three Stars

1. Well...that was an easy bet


2. Can't argue facts here


3. Is it time for baseball yet?

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