Canadiens vs Senators Top Six Minutes: The kids are alright


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I don't know why I keep taking Sens games. It's a recipe for annoyance and disaster. Yet here we are.

Here's to hoping that the tide has turned on a terrible October.

First Period

  • ...That's not what I meant. That is the exact opposite of what I meant. Brandon, Brandon why.
  • That is a LOT of icings in the first two minutes.
  • Oh right, Karlsson is back. I forgot about that. What a machine.
  • CHAAARRRLEESSSSSS!! Finally. That is quite the roar for an away game...
  • O CAPTAIN MY CAPTAIN. That was glorious. I don't believe it. The Habs never get those bounces anymore!!!
  • Oh my. /
  • (Please stop)
  • (Unless you're Prince Artturi and his band of merry men, in which case, carry on!)
  • Oh my Charles. The flood gates have apparently opened!
  • That was quite the shot from McCarron.
  • SO was that!! One-handedly shoving over Phaneuf. (Yes, I'm aware he slipped. Let me have this.)
  • That was a pretty terrific penalty kill. And quite a first period!! Wow./

Second Period

  • That Sens player just deliberately put himself in front of a Shea Weber shot. Yikes.
  • Smith and Davidson fighting now. I say fighting. It was more like wrestling with a few punches, Smith getting in more than Davidson. And I was just gonna say that this period looked a little more orderly and crisp than the previous one.
  • Well, the penalty kill is looking better.
  • Aaaand no sooner do I say that than they give up a PP goal. not good.
  • WHAT. WAS. THAT. I haven't seen a scramble that mad in...ever??
  • Wow, Andrew Shaw being fancy! That was a pretty wrap around attempt even though it didn't hit the net.
  • Oh. My. Goodness. Chucky. What a goal. What a pass from Jordie.
  • Bonus for Gally, he made Stone look like an idiot. This is always good in my books. Always./

Third Period

  • Don't get complacent. Please don't get complacent...
  • Aww now Condon is in nets, and I will feel sad if they continue to light the Sens up!
  • It's so much more fun to be on this side of the goal scoring...
  • Chuck and Drou playing together 4-on-4 was beautiful. More please.
  • No matter how a game is going, or how he's doing, Pageau anywhere near the Habs’ net makes me nervous. I've been conditioned for it.
  • I could really use more nights like this from Montreal in the future.
  • Get someone a hatty. Hell. Get two someones a hatty.
  • I lied. I don't feel at all sorry about lighting up Condon. Sorry Mike.
  • While I appreciate that you stopped the goal, please don't run into your goalie, Petry.
  • The olés are deafening in Ottawa tonight!
  • I'd say that's a very satisfying end to October./

Highlight of the Game

Not only was it Hudon's first NHL goal, but it was a beauty.

EOTP 3 Stars

3. A fair question

2. If this were still Week 1, you probably would have been right.

1. That’s a pretty good summary of the game.

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