Canadiens vs. Senators Top Six Minutes: All Ottawa, All Night

Montreal (or the Laval Rocket?) can’t snap the Senators preseason winning streak.

So the Senators have won two straight games and are playing essentially the Laval Rocket plus Plekanec, Lehkonen and Hudon... This should be interesting.

As long as we don’t see 20 different slashing calls tonight, it should be a pretty interesting match up.

First Period

  • Games against Ottawa are always fun, someone always gets scrappy or it’s a consistent back and forth affair, I’m expecting the Habs rookies to push this Ottawa roster to their limits
  • After some back and forth play, Logan Brown and Bobby Ryan link up for the first goal of the game.
  • Man, Brown is a BIG kid.
  • Sloppy neutral zone play by the Habs leads to a Ottawa power play early, ouch.
  • Not a bad penalty kill however, as the Habs end up surviving special team battle.
  • Oh my Chabot, what a move, embarassing Terry.
  • Chabot will be really, really good, I keep remembering him in the World Juniors and how dominate he was... Wish he was a Hab.
  • Hudon has been everywhere so far early, the kid is on a mission to make this team and wants to show what he’s got.
  • And right after the ensuing draw, Reinhart puts it in off the rebound, giving the Senators the early 1-0 lead.
  • SLASHING PENALTY - they really gotta get these right.
  • Hudon and Lehkonen on the power play, I expect big things here.
  • Nope, nada.
  • More sloppy turn overs, it’s gunna be a loooong night.
  • Slash by Zack Smith and no power play goal for Montreal.
  • 2-0 for the Senators at the end of the first./

Second Period

  • And early in the 2nd, Johnny Oduya blasts the puck past Montoya.
  • Wait, since when is Oduya on the Sens? It’s been a long summer.
  • Finally some entertainment, Gregoire and McCormick with a little bit of a spirited tilt.
  • Gregoire was looking to stir the pot before that fight, but finally some life from someone on the Canadiens.
  • And 4-0 off a Stone deflection, Ottawa has completely taken the life out of Montreal.
  • Preseason, am I right?
  • Puck right to the mask of Montoya, probably not the greatest feeling in the world.
  • HUDON SCORES - not surprised it’s him though
  • I mean its 4-1 but what a shot by Hudon, hands down the stand out Hab tonight.
  • Power play... and nope, nothing.
  • Mike Blunden is still around the NHL?/

Third Period

  • Is it bad to say that this game is probably already over barring Hudon takes control?
  • Speaking of him, even losing his helmet won’t stop him from crashing the net, the kid is tenacious.
  • Carr has been really noticable too, showing he's deserving of call up at some point, same with Audette.
  • Is it just me, or does Plekanec look severely uninterested in playing tonight?
  • Montoya prevents a 5-1 game on a big save on Max Reinhart all alone in front, even though they’re losing, he hasn’t given up!
  • Shots are 26-20 Ottawa, but it certainly doesn’t feel like Montreal has 20
  • Ottawa has 10 players with a point tonight…
  • Montoya is realllly trying to give the Habs a shot tonight.
  • How many powerplays is this for Montreal now? 5? I've lost count, these hand slashing penalties are really erratic at times.
  • I haven't heard or seen McCarron at all this game, and I thought he'd have a big factor in tonight's game. Not looking well if he’s hoping to crack the opening night roster.
  • To be fair, for Montreal having a majority AHL lineup tonight, I'm not that disappointed by the lack of power play success
  • This powerplay is actually looking a little better though, Plekanec and Lehkonen are all over Anderson through the four minutes.
  • Ugh, I lied, I'd like one power play goal at least after having 7 chances on the man advantage tonight.
  • A late power play, and Logan Brown seals the deal with his second, Habs will take the L 5-1.
  • It's only pre season… It's only pre season…/

Highlight of the Night:

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