Canadiens vs Senators - The Warmup - Is the Northeast division the Habs' kryptonite?

Last season the Canadiens had a winning record against their division at 10-8-6, but were crap against everyone else, things sure have changed.

The Montreal Canadiens have a 10-0-1 record against the Southeast and Atlantic divisions, They have thoroughly dominated their competition whether it be at home or on the road.

Against their own division though, they are a woeful 2-4-1. What does this mean? At this point it's difficult to say, but seeing as the Boston Bruins also have their worst record against their own division (3-2-0), maybe the Northeast is strong this year.

Before the Senators lost Jason Spezza, Erik Karlsson, and Craig Anderson, I think it was entirely legitimate to say that the Northeast had three teams, along with the Habs and Bruins, who could win the division if things broke right for them. Toss in Toronto getting absurdly lucky and the only weak sister so far is Buffalo.

The Canadiens have managed to lose to every team in the division, although with Carey Price in net, they beat Ottawa last time. However that was at home, and the last time the Habs were in Ottawa, they were blown out 5-1.

The game tonight will be the just the 7th road game for the Habs, and they'll be looking to improve that record against their own division with a win against the Sens.

If the Canadiens can't improve their record within the division, can they really be contenders?

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