Canadiens vs Senators Game 2 Top Six Minutes - LA LA LOL Karlsson

Your Top Six Minutes from tonight's playoff game between the Montreal Canadiens and the Ottawa Senators.

• And we can all exhale.
• Earlier today, our hopes were completely lost. No Lars Eller, no Max Pacioretty, no Brian Gionta, and no Carey Price. Well, you know what I mean.
• I actually cried quietly at my desk.
• Then tonight, as that game ended, I got chills. I got goosebumps. Did you?
• For some reason, despite everything I know about skills, and stats, and real, tangible things (as well as unpredictability and puck luck), I just felt all day that if they could just win this game they could do anything, and now I feel like they can do anything.
• Chills.
• Goosebumps.
• Of course, I could be wrong and they could lose the next three games, but they looked better than the Senators for most of last night and they looked better than the Senators for most of this night so can we please stop saying the Senators are a better team?
• Although the Senators' best players, all two of them, plus their goaltender, I guess, did play like shit tonight.
• LOL Ryan White scored on you.
• LOL Erik Karlsson. Speaking of him, here is one angle of that assist to White, and here is another.
• How proud of the Habs are you right now?
• This series is likely to go to seven games. Get a defibrillator.
• Remember when we hated Rene Bourque?
• And the Michel Therrien signing?
• Speaking of Therrien, here's a quote from his postgame tonight, per multiple beat reporters on the Twitters: "By the way, number 61 is Raphael Diaz in case they don't know..."
• Carey Price may be back. What a fantastic performance. He lost two teeth. Maybe they were slowing him down.
• Shut up about the split, McLean, Melnyk, and, like, Ottawa. Look at Montreal's lineup. You should have won tonight. You should be ASHAMED that you're going home tied, not happy about it.
• Seriously, can we stop saying the Senators are the better team?
• I can't put it in the title per the rules, but here's what Bruce and I really wanted to call this: LA LA LA motherfuckers.
• On to Kanata, where the Sens have only lost six times this year. Make it two more, Canadiens.
• After all, there are only fifteen more wins to go.

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