Canadiens vs Senators Game 1 Top Six Minutes - No light, no light

Your Top Six Minutes for tonight's playoff game between the Montreal Canadiens and the Ottawa Senators.

• I had a bunch of points and then Eric Gryba hit Lars Eller and I erased all of them.
• I guess you can't blame the Habs for unraveling completely after that. I don't really know how anyone could focus after seeing that happen to a teammate.
• Although I'm still pretty angry they didn't. A five minute all-you-can-score including a 5-on-3 and only one goal?
• "I totally underst-WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?" These are the feelings of the playoffs.
• The good news (somewhat) is that Eller reportedly was alert and responsive when he was taken to hospital.
• Alright, let's talk about the hit. This won't make me popular around here, but after watching over and over again, I don't really care whether the hit was legal or not or dirty or not. I think the result was terrifying and I also think Gyrba will definitely get suspended because of that. But I don't really care to keep watching and arguing about it because I just don't know.
• So, let's all agree that the Ottawa Senators did not deserve to win that game.
• Before the series started, I was terrified because I thought Ottawa had the edge on a lot of fronts. I briefly stopped thinking that before Lars Eller got hurt. I don't know if it's just me, but the Habs just looked superior tonight, minus the defensive breakdowns and that miserable power play.
• Unfortunately, Ottawa has the edge on goaltending and not doing insanely stupid shit that results in a puck ending up in your net.
Craig Anderson has done this kind of thing before. Like, a lot. Uh oh.
• Panic time: Terrifying to think about what this team is going to look like without Lars Eller. He's fucking excellent and a huge part of this team's depth.
• Panic button: They looked pretty okay in the second half of the game, considering.
• Panic time: I am finally ready to blame a bunch of things on Carey Price. He played like absolute shit, at least two of those goals were on him, and him not talking to the media (even though I hate when media members complain about this) is just not encouraging about where his head's at. Convince me otherwise.
• Panic button: He's recovered from being absolutely awful in the past.
• I have to go to bed before I start crying, but:
• It's only one loss. They need to add up to four before you're asked to go home.
• The Canadiens did not look hopelessly like they don't belong in the playoffs, unlike some teams we won't name.
• Carey Price can play better. It's not completely impossible.
• The fact that I hate him right now doesn't change the fact that the Senators have had trouble scoring all year.
• A demain, everybody. A win will reset the clock, and the Habs are more than capable of winning.

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