Canadiens vs Senators Game 5 Top Six Minutes: Are we even, yet, 2010?

Your Top Six Minutes from tonight's final Montreal Canadiens game for the 2013 season.

• I am not going to be able to hold the bitterness out of this Top Six Minutes, so apologies in advance.
• I really hope the rude awakening waiting for the Senators in the second round is devastating. Whether it's the Penguins or the winner of the Meteor Classic, I hope they get swept in four blowouts. Maybe I'll be more gracious tomorrow.
• As Brian Wilde pointed out, the Habs were missing 6 of their 20 best players, and two more were playing hurt. The depleted Canadiens lineup was skating circles around an Ottawa lineup that was really only missing Jason Spezza. How cruel is this, you guys?
• So. This wasn't the way it was supposed to go, and it wasn't supposed to end like this. The Habs weren't beaten by the Senators as much as they were beaten by their shitty luck, which includes bad bounces and horrific injuries, some questionable goaltending, and sitting back on that damn lead one time.
• Which is not to take anything away from the Senators. But did you not expect these two teams to go to an OT in a seventh game?
• I finally understand what "I'd rather be lucky than good" means, because I've always thought that if you're good, you make your own luck.
• Luck will only carry you so far, though, as 2010 showed us, and as 2013 is about to show the Ottawa Senators.
• Is there anywhere we can sign up to be lucky and good? Cause those are the teams that win the Cup.
• During that long streak during the season where the Habs didn't lose in regulation, everything that could go right for them, did.
• This series, everything that could go wrong for them did.
• Let's only be mad about this tonight though.
• Because tomorrow morning, we get to wake up and remember that the Canadiens' window has barely cracked open. I truly believe that.
• Don't you? Cause if you don't, we have a bunch of pieces on here on EOTP about that very thing, and we'll have more to come, and we're going to hammer you with it until you believe.
• And Carey Price will be fixed. Whatever his issues were this season, and I hope Boyle tackles it because I definitely can't, they can be fixed. Price will be fine, and the Habs will be fine.
• How about this team though?
• You will never, ever, ever be able to convince me that the better team won this series. Even if Ottawa wins the Stanley Cup.
• Never.
• Ever.
• Because how amazing was this team this year?
• I won't lie. I've been pretty stunned at how good Subban and the rookies have been this year. Not because I didn't know they were good. But because they are better than I could have hoped for. And my standards are pretty high, ask my friends.
• Anyway. There's always next year. But we get to say that a few times, because we have a good, young, team and hopefully Marc Bergevin knows how to make it even better. What do we sacrifice to get Bobby Ryan?
• So I should end this, because I don't want to say goodbye to the Habs in a Top Six post, I want to write a proper piece about how much hope I have (after Andrew does one so I can borrow his math, as per usual). But I want to say thank you for reading my Top Six Minutes posts as well as everything else I have written on here this season and before, you've been really awesome. Thank you.

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