Canadiens vs Sabres Top Six Minutes: Alex Galchenyuk continues to dominate

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  • Random fact about the Buffalo Sabres: The Habs began their centennial season by losing to them in overtime. Don't ask me why I remember this.
  • Mike Brown is in, Lucas Lessio will sit. This is yet another example of the Canadiens' commitment to "evaluating their young talent". *facepalm*
  • With 9 goals in his last 7 games, Alex Galchenyuk is red hot. Cue more fervent discussions about whether he is a left wing or a centre or the success rate of Michel Therrien's player development methods.
  • Robin Lehner scares me./

First period

  • To win or not to win, that is the question.
  • Michael McCarron is a big human being but he looks positively gigantic next to Brian Gionta.
  • Literally half the period has gone by and nothing has happened. No goals, no shots, no penalties, no fights, nada, zilch, zip. Then again, I shouldn't have expected much from these two teams to begin with.
  • Oooh first interesting thing to happen all game - the puck was held too long, so the refs called a face-off!
  • *PING* This is going to come back to haunt the Habs, isn't it?
  • Even in a Sabres' jersey, Josh Gorges is still giving Montreal every (power play) opportunity to grab the lead. It's a pity that he doesn't know how awful Montreal's power play is though.
  • Montreal's terrible power play is predictably terrible.
  • Mike Brown wants to fight Evander Kane. Sigh. Kane takes an unsportsmanlike penalty. Bigger sigh
  • Montreal's terrible power play is predictably terrible. /

Second Period

  • No seriously, the Sabres took two shots while the Habs had two offsides to start that power play. Meanwhile, somebody on the Canadiens' coaching staff continues to get paid for polishing this turd sandwich.
  • As with the first period, nothing happens for nearly half the second period either (other than Greg Pateryn getting a penalty for doing something bad). Seriously, the shot count is something like 6-2 in favour of the Buffaslugs.
  • Boooooo! Nicolas Deslauriers scored to put the Buffaslugs on the board.
  • But Alex Galchenyuk scored for the Habs and all was right with the world again! He now has 10 goals in his last 8 games! Oh for gord’s sakes Habs, keep him at centre – as our number one centre!
  • Mike Brown finally fought someone. He also injured himself during the same fight. So now the Habs have a healthy Lucas Lessio sitting while Brown can't play for them. Great asset management.
  • Evander Kane nearly earned his Krieder badge by running into Mike Condon. How that didn't result in an instant goaltender interference penalty, I will never know.
  • Zach Bogosian got too slash happy and Montreal's terrible power play was predictably terrible. Scratch that, Alex Galchenyuk had other plans. Galchenyuk's performance as Montreal's number one centre continues to vindicate his supporters.
  • Galchenyuk is singlehandedly ruining Montreal's tank efforts and that's fine with me. /

Third Period

  • Alex Galchenyuk is Montreal's new goalscoring leader! Number 27 now has 25 goals on the season. Hell, he might even hit 30 this year! He might be our first non-Pacioretty to hit that marker!
  • Greg Pateryn snapped and nearly broke Marcus Foligno. Note to other players in the league: do not piss off Pateryn, he will end you.
  • Victor Bartley took an ill-timed tripping penalty but Canadiens had no trouble killing it off...but Brian Gionta scored the flukiest goal of all time to tie this game at two, right when the penalty ended. Thanks for that, Hockey Gods.
  • Delay of game penalty, courtesy of Carlo Colaiacovo. Admit it, you had no idea Colaiacovo was still in the league did you?
  • Montreal's terrible power play is predictably terrible.
  • Mike Condon is standing on his face right now! The Habs better score a goal for the poor goalie.
  • Torrey Mitchell? More like Scorey Mitchell, am I right? Mitchell's 8th of the season regained the lead, for the Canadiens!
  • P.K. Subban was injured. It was an accident. It looks scary. I don't care how this game ends. I just hope P.K. Subban is alright.
  • Please be okay, P.K!/

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