Canadiens vs. Sabres Top Six Minutes: Carey Price brings a clean sheet in his return

He’s back!

Pre Game

  • This is all we really have to know today./

First Period

  • Mete played that as a veteran defender.
  • Bloody Swedes, their goalies are everywhere.
  • Ristolainen hits Price, who falls over. I am sure a few Montreal hearts stopped there.
  • And no call from the refs.
  • Galchenyuk with sweet moves, but with a pass instead of a shot.
  • Power play Montreal after a Gallagher steal and set up.
  • Jeff Petry with a strike... I mean a GOAL! 1-0 Home Team./

Second Period

  • Gallagher is probably the best Montreal skater at the moment.
  • Buffalo has really upped the game here at the start of the second.
  • Huge save by Carey Price, who looks good.
  • Power play after Jerabek was taken down.
  • This is more like the normal PowerKill™️
  • This game is putting me to sleep.
  • Goalchenyuk!!!!! 2-0
  • Price looks more calm the longer the game goes on. (The 2-0 lead might help)/

Third Period

  • “Liam Neeson is in the building”
  • I am also out of ice cream...
  • It feels like a different Carey Price compared to before the injury.
  • Jerabek is a great signing.
  • Plekanec on a breakaway but the big Swede saves for Buffalo.
  • Hudon sets up Gallagher at the far post and puck goes wide....!
  • Shaw to the box, but Lord Byron scores a short-handed beauty. 3-0
  • Once more... Liam Neeson!
  • Empty net Buffalo!
  • Some things never change - Montreal still fear the empty net goalie.
  • Buffalo goal... OVERTURNED!!!
  • And I am off to watch some cricket after this game, it’s the Ashes after all. /

Highlight of the night

EOTP 3 Stars

3. An action shot of Paul Byron on his short-handed break

2. The Sabres should offer a three-year contract!

1. To the daredevil MauricioMTL, who got very lucky to not be targeted by Liam Neeson.

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