Canadiens vs. Sabres Top Six Minutes: An ugly two points

Not pretty, but it’s a win!


  • The Sabres played last night, and Montreal is getting their two stars back, this should be a romp right?
  • Oh hey Admiral Ackbar what are you doing here?
  • Will Jonathan Drouin keep his pants on this game?/

First Period

  • Last non-hockey thought for this game, thinking of my family and friends who are serving and have served their country, lest we forget their sacrifices.
  • I was wondering if Buffalo could ice an entire starting line up of former Habs, but came up short by two forwards.
  • On the plus side seeing a pairing of Josh Gorges and Nathan Beaulieu excites me, may Jonathan Drouin feast on their errors tonight.
  • Sure Charles Hudon closed his hand on the puck, but he is a blessed child and I disagree with this obvious rule.
  • Despite several years of loyalty in Montreal, the Habs faithful is turning Beaulieu into BOOOOOlieu
  • That’s a bit of a gross hit by Gorges on Gallagher, and the ensuing fight with Jordie Benn is not one I expected.
  • 6 seconds left and Ryan O’Reilly finds a loose puck around Charlie Lindgren and we all head to the intermission very sad./

Second Period

  • Seriously, Montreal I wouldn’t recommend giving up power plays like this, sooner or later it comes back to bite you.
  • And of course the news about Al Montoya breaks during the game, get well soon Cubano.
  • Now I’m not an NHL coach, but getting doubled up in shots by a bad team playing on a back to back seems less than ideal.
  • It’s only a 1-0 game, yet for some reason this deficit feels many goals larger than that, hoping I’m wrong.
  • Things aren’t much rosier in the AHL, as the Rocket in the second period blew a 3-0 lead.
  • Also I’m still waiting for the inevitable Evander Kane temper tantrum in this game, he’s always due for at least one.
  • A power play! Please make it count Habs/

Third Period

  • Whew, potential crisis averted!
  • Oh not the Habs, my chili was done cooking and now I get to eat it all.
  • The Sabres broadcast is sponsored by “Outlet Liquor” and I wonder how much business they receive given the perpetual misery of the Buffalo sports world.
  • HOW YOU DROUIN BUFFALO(I guess Andrew Shaw got this goal, and that’s cool too)
  • And then Paul Byron nearly makes it a 2-1 game!
  • I want a ten hour loop of Drouin making extremely pretty cross ice passes, my birthday is next month...Make this happen folks.
  • It’s funny even in scrambles I currently have more faith in Lindgren than I have in any other goalie so far this year.
  • It wouldn’t be a Sabres/Habs game if it wasn’t low scoring, moderately boring, and going to extra time./


  • I appreciate the work that Claude Julien
  • has done for Montreal, but not starting Drouin in OT perplexes me all the time.
  • In a strange bit of providence, the officials actually overturned a bad call!

Highlight of the night

EOTP 3 Stars

3. Some unexpected events

2. It was worth a shot I guess

1. Captain Clutch

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