Canadiens vs Sabres - The example of what not to do

Not too long ago, Sabres fans were pretty excited about what Terry Pegula's money meant for the team. Oh how the times change.

When Terry Pegula purchased the Sabres, he didn't wait long to start tossing his money around. Buffalo played fast and loose with cash, bringing in guys like Brad Boyes and Ville Leino, among others.

But the NHL is a conservative league for a reason. Teams are hesitant to make big moves constantly because you can ruin a good thing if you don't recognize what's working. And that's just what the Sabres did this summer.

After getting maimed both physically and psychologically by the Boston Bruins, the Sabres snapped this summer and got rid of skill in Derek Roy, and added "grit" in Steve Ott and John Scott. In doing so, they've made themselves a one line time with very little promise.

Last year for awhile it looked to a lot of people like Pierre Gauthier had done something similar to that in Montreal, yet now the Habs are one of the top 3 teams in the Eastern Conference and have been all year. Can the Sabres find it within them to bounce back?

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