Canadiens vs Red Wings Top Six Minutes: A dominant performance

The Canadiens dominated the Detroit Red Wings to the tune of five goals to none.

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  • Considering how much the Canadiens can improve their system as a whole, they are 12-1-1 and that is impressi(has a flashback to last year’s 9-0-0 start)...A game at a time then.
  • Desharnais in the lineup tonight as Flynn is out with an injury. As much as I dislike his usage on the ice sometimes, hopefully he can find a way to get it going.
  • Price to start tonight’s game despite the Habs playing Chicago tomorrow. That’s...interesting./

First Period

  • Price with a save on a one-timer to start the game. Detroit suddenly realizes how difficult their job is going to be tonight.
  • The Habs are having trouble clearing their zone right now. In other news water is wet.
  • Danault with the nose to the net and gets rewarded for it! 1-0 Habs.
  • Of course the Habs would score in a moment where I’m complaining about their system.
  • In all fairness, that Pacioretty-Danault-Shaw line has been everywhere on the ice so far. It’s a line that all of my hockey instincts say just shouldn’t work but it does.
  • BREAKAWAY BYRON! 2-0 Habs.
  • Ott and Gally get into it a little bit while on a line change. You don’t need to be a lip reader to know what some of those choice words were.
  • The Habs are still pushing the pace on a two goal-lead in the first, that’s really promising.
  • Habs PK coming up following the Shaw hit on Abdelkader. Hopefully he’s good to go.
  • I honestly forgot that Mike Green was on Detroit’s roster until this powerplay.
  • The scrums are starting in front of Price’s net already, with Detroit picking up a needless penalty on the play. Habs are on the power play.
  • Ott takes a penalty that puts the Habs on a 5-on-3 and WEBER SCORES I DIDN’T EVEN HAVE TIME TO FINISH TYPING. 3-0 Habs.
  • Radulov with another primary assist that brings his assist total to 10 on the season.
  • Gally takes one up high before the end of the period, other than that the Habs are dominating this game so far. Shots are 10-7 in favor for Montreal to end the period./

Second Period

  • The Habs starting the period out on the powerplay...Nevermind.
  • Price stops another one-timer in the slot. Detroit’s frustration levels rising ever so gently.
  • Mitchell with a chance shorthanded almost makes this game 4-0.
  • Hanley with the high stick that drew blood. That’s an especially bad penalty to take for a young defenseman trying to make his way in the Canadiens lineup.
  • What a save by Price on another one-timer by Detroit. There is literally nobody in the game that can impact his team more than Carey Price does.
  • Detroit frustration levels: Mounting
  • Four minute PK done and Price cements it with yet another save.
  • Shots are 9-2 Detroit but the Habs have been on the penalty kill for the majority of the time being. Let’s see if they can generate some momentum with that big penalty kill done with.
  • Byron pokes the puck in on a corner shot from Radulov! 4-0 Habs.
  • Or not? Detroit challenges the play for goaltender interference. This decision is taking forever to announce though.
  • They call it back on goaltender interference. 3-0 Habs.
  • The Radulov-Galchenyuk-Byron line has been relentless at producing opportunities from almost anywhere on the ice tonight.
  • Pleky takes a high stick to the face...powerplay Montreal.
  • Chucky with a beautiful one-timer that deflects off of Shaw for his second of the season! 4-0 Habs.
  • Captainetty with a beautiful goal! 5-0 Habs.
  • Aaaaand Ole chants in the second period, it’s been that kind of game.
  • Detroit frustration levels: Rising rapidly.
  • Shots are 25-17 Montreal over two periods. The Habs have been dominating this game so far on the shot count and on the scoresheet heading into the third./

Third Period

  • Montreal is the kind of team that is a nightmare to face on their best. A team that can generate tons of opportunities offensively and also have Carey Price to backstop them to victory.
  • “I don’t see Detroit scoring six goals on Carey Price” Any Habs fan will tell you that it ain’t over till its over.
  • *Insert Liam Neeson here* You all know the drill.
  • Both teams seem slower in the third, both teams are kind of going through the motions at the end of this hockey game.
  • Jimmy Howard lead the league in save percentage before this hockey game. Just letting that sink in there.
  • Price with a great save earning himself some “Carey” chants. He’s most definitely earned them.
  • Shots are 3-3 in this period with 10 minutes left in this game.
  • Patches trying to net himself another goal in this blowout hockey game. His shot just zips by the net.
  • Detroit pressing late but Price is always ready for your offensive chances. Even in a blowout game.
  • Don’t blow this for your goalie Montreal. Don’t do it. Please?
  • 5-0 win in a well deserved effort by Montreal tonight./

EOTP’s Three Stars

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EOTP Highlight of the Night

Paul Byron is ridiculously fast


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