Canadiens vs Rangers Top Six Minutes: Lost Opportunity

The Habs had a chance to lock down the series, and instead turned in a ghastly performance.

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So the series moves to the Big Apple, where the Rangers can either tie it up, or the Habs can take a commanding 3-1 series lead...

...and SN leads off with how the Rangers’ first line has been virtually silent.

I have a bad feeling about this.

First Period

  • Not the best of starts for the Habs...but what an attempt by Prince Artturi.
  • At least Carey Price is up to snuff!
  • Oh my, Gally. That was a beautiful rush. Byron, Gallagher, and Plekanec are beautiful. That was a beautiful shift. Byron is so fast. Gallagher looks like patent Gallagher, it’'s gorgeous.
  • You’ve got to be kidding me. Ew. Gross. I don’t like this.
  • Oh Andrew. Andrew. Why.
  • Do. Not. Touch. Price.
  • Soooo that thing I said about having a bad feeling about this...
  • Uhhhhg Torrey so close on that breakaway. Shaw and Mitchell on the breakaway. That’s a weird pair of guys to be in that situation.
  • OH. My. Goodness. Radulov. Mitchell. Weber. Mitchell. Tie game!!
  • Everything is happening. This is hilarious. And ridiculous.
  • Ah, playoffs./

Second Period

  • AV complaining about too many men on the ice on that goal is hilarious. Considering that he too had too many men on the ice.
  • Oh my. Habs that was terrible. Really? Wow. Just wow. All the unexpected defensemen having really bad days.
  • At least the Habs are trying to respond. Trying being the key word.
  • In the meanwhile, they’re making me very, very nervous.
  • This is not good hockey. This is mad scramble insanity.
  • Wow. The fourth line is not the line I’d have expected to set up camp in the offensive zone.
  • Habs get yourselves together.
  • Thank goodness that’s over./

Third Period

  • They keep pointing out how the Habs are the best third period team in the league. This is not at all stressful.
  • At least the Habs look slightly better. Not that that’s saying much given how bad the second period was.
  • HITS AREN’T THAT IMPORTANT. OH MY GOODNESS. Find something else to talk about.
  • I really love Carey Price. That is all.
  • Habs actually trying now, I think!
  • Henrik drops his stick, and the stick makes a save. This is ridiculous.
  • Habs may actually be trying...but those turnovers, man...
  • Please do not break Byron. We need him.
  • Come on Habs. Five minutes to right the ship. You only need one goal.
  • Habs ice the puck. Rinse, repeat, ad infinitem.
  • UHG SHEA. The POST. sob
  • You know that bad feeling I had? I hate being right.
  • For someone who thought this series would go to six games, I’m awfully distressed about the series having to go at least six games.
  • Habs lose 2-1./

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Radulov, Weber, and Mitchell combine for a great goal

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