Canadiens vs. Rangers Top Six Minutes: The return of the regulars

It was a wacky come-from-behind win at home.

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Tonight marks the long-awaited return of both Alex Galchenyuk and Andrew Shaw. As the regulars start to trickle back into the lineup, it must be noted how well the club performed during their absence, including very respectable results on a long road trip.

Carey Price’s record against the New York Rangers seems almost make-believe. The Habs are playing at home tonight against a Rangers team that lost last night. The Habs are also playing for the first time since Price let in seven goals in Winnipeg, something he hadn’t done since 2013.

The Habs, this season, have shown up with big, bounce-back performances after bad games. Price is going to want to prove something, too.

Enough with the storylines, let’s do this.

First period:

  • Michel Therrien’s 800th game, smiling as he chats to the refs. I feel good about this.
  • I can’t adequately express how much it warms my heart to see that 65 jersey out there again.
  • Nice little chance there for him, too.
  • Very nice save for Carey Price!
  • 1-0, Philip Danault!
  • Shaw right there in his office, too.
  • Cue the Coach’s Challenge
  • Hmmm. This one might be no goal. Shaw got pushed, though
  • Just go out there and get another one, Phil!
  • Ooooooh, that’s why the keep saying “Shea.” There’s a Ranger whose last name is spelled wrong.
  • Bob Cole’s such a gifted narrator. He should call every single game.
  • Although, Bob Cole gets me worried with the “is Price hurt?” stuff. Price probably thought the puck was stuck on him somewhere and didn’t want to move a muscle.
  • Oh my god. Gary Galley agrees with me.
  • Shaw for interference. He’s back, you guys!
  • There it is, 1-0, bad guys.
  • Plekanec, who’s been on red-hot burning fire, with the best chance so far.
  • Gallagher joking that Weber “fanned” on the 98 mph shot is not really a joke. That’s a slow shot for Weber.
  • Shaw is fighting! Five-minute major. Why? Late hit? Looked fine to me? Why the five minute major?
  • Anyway, it’s a good sign that Shaw’s changed nothing about his game. I’m serious.
  • Three minutes killed off, intermission time./

Second period:

  • Lundqvist is in net? What the hell? I mean - yay!
  • This changes the chemistry of this game - I like it.
  • RIP, five-minute man-advantage.
  • PRICE with a nice pad save!
  • SCOOOOOOOOOOOOORES! Galchenyuk is BACK! Tie game! Assists for Barberio and Pacioretty.
  • You know who else is back? Carey Price. Nice save on Miller.
  • Habs are all over the Rangers.
  • Waaaait. Rangers score.
  • No backup for Price there. Unfortunate giveaway.
  • Challenge? Oooooh Nash dragged Price with his skate.
  • Right after his stick caught Price in the throat!
  • That can’t be a goal.
  • Can’t be a goal. Come on, come on!
  • No goaltender interference?! How do can you say that with a straight face?
  • I guess goalies are supposed to be able to make the save even if they’re dragged away from their net. That’s the story, right?
  • I’m popping nine buckets of popcorn for Therrien’s post-game comments.
  • Gosh begorrah! Brian Flynn! Tie game, boys and girls!
  • The crowd at the Bell Centre tonight is amazing.
  • HUGE chance right there for the good guys.
  • Why is Emelin playing with Beaulieu?
  • Radulov skates circles around everyone. It’s ridiculous at this point.
  • Power play, good guys! Please, Shea Weber!
  • Oopsie. Radulov giveaway, Rangers shortie.
  • Any criticism of Shea Weber is borne from the expectation that he be perfect, just like Carey Price.
  • In my imagination, the Canadiens’ powerplay is just them saving it for the playoffs, like Paul Newman hustling a game of pool. Millennials everywhere are checking IMDb right now
  • The score is 3-2, bad guys
  • Too many Habs have no idea where the puck is right now!
  • Plekanec is having himself one hell of a game.
  • If Mitchell scores on that one, Price gets an assist
  • Raanta has an LBI.
  • Heart is racing, this game has been pure entertainment
  • Andrighetto’s breakaway, aaaaah!
  • Lundqvist down too now?
  • The chances! The chances!!
  • Second intermission couldn’t come soon enough. And - exhale!/

Third period:

  • OK, Team Third Period: Activate! Ton of Habs pressure
  • Commercial break. Checks Twitter and sees how Price’s leg bent on that post-save.
  • Why do guys get thrown out of the playoff circle?
  • “One of the best goalies in the world - Henrik Lundqvist - but you never know ...” God bless you, Bob Cole.
  • I love Alexei Emelin a lot. I feel like I’ve been waiting for that goal all season.
  • Max Pacioretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I think, I think my neighbours four doors down heard my SCREAM!!!!!!
  • I’m going to admit here
  • That I deleted a comment earlier that the Habs would score three goals this period. And deleted on account of jinxes. I promise. I PROMISE.
  • 5-3. GOOD GUYS.
  • Guess the refs are trying to even this a bit. Rangers PP, coming right up.
  • Despite the refs’ best efforts, the Rangers weren’t able to even it come within one on that PP
  • Oh crap. Kreider does put them within one now.
  • 5:07 left.
  • Why is the ref on his headset?
  • If they take this goal away after that piece-of-crap bullsh*t good goal earlier, that’ll
  • Never mind. They deem it a good goal.
  • CAREY. PRICE. With the glove. I’m dying.
  • Pacioretty has scored TWENTY goals now? I love you, Max.
  • 15 since Dec 1? Dios mio!
  • 1:54 left
  • I hate myself for thinking this, but Shea Weber needs a haircut
  • I know, I know! He’s busy!
  • NYR with an empty net
  • That’s it. They did it! Ladies and gentlemen, this is win # 27
  • #27 :)
  • Habs win, 5-4. /

Habs Highlight of the Night:

Galchenyuk wastes no time scoring upon his return

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