Canadiens vs. Rangers Top Six Minutes: Montreal takes a bite out of the Big Apple

A dominant performance earned a 2-1 series lead

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  • Is the MSG the worlds most famous arena in the world, as according to its slogan? I’d think it be Camp Nou, Old Trafford or another arena...
  • Some changes in both teams should make this interesting, which coach has the best Fingerspitzengefühl?
  • Lets just say they don’t have a Ginnete Reno in New Yourk singing the anthems. /

First Period

  • Decent start, and then Petry gets called for hooking... #NotThatGreat
  • PING from Oskar Lindberg
  • The King of New York looks to be in good shape tonight again, unfortunately...
  • l’Arttise plays well, just need that goal to get going for real.
  • It seems the refs has a blindspot when it comes to Gallagher, they see nothing at all.
  • Another power play for the Rangers.
  • Its just Price being Price... but I still get amazed. /

Second Period

  • I am almost more interested on whats happening in Columbus at the moment, that game seems ridiculous in so many ways.
  • BIG CHANCE FOR THE GENERAL - but the King makes the save...
  • Illegal substitution but not to many men? Not sure I understand the difference.
  • Danault with a good chance.
  • Mitchell with another chance, still Lundqvist is making his best Price impression.
  • Byron is every where at the same time; that’s how fast he is.
  • Jordie Benn with a huge poke check!
  • PowerKill™️
  • NHLPA meeting in Lundqvists crease.
  • Radulov the defenceman./

Third Period

  • Markov gets cut, Zuccarello to the box for four minutes.
  • We went back to the PowerKill™️
  • Galchenyuk with an incredible set up to Weber for 2-0!
  • L’Arttiste off for interference - 11 minutes to go.
  • Galchenuyk has been a monster tonight.
  • Lehkonen described Radulov as a monster out there, and after this season we all kow what he saw.
  • ... and RADULOVE makes it three nothing! On a Mr Magic deke, you young ones better check that history lesson out. /
  • Rangers on the board, Skjei from the blue line.
  • And a big, Big, BIG save from Price!
  • Mitchell visit the New York Rangers bench, and with a smile as he leaves.
  • 3-1  Habs win makes it a 2-1 lead in the series!/

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Habs Highlight of the Night

Lehkonen opens the scoring with a great snipe

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