Canadiens vs. Rangers Top Six Minutes: A much-needed win

The Habs played better than they have recently, and were rewarded with a shootout win in New York

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*Logs on to Twitter, sees Price left warm-ups early*

Oh joy. We’re all going to die.

First Period

  • So Pacioretty has seven of the Habs’ sixteen goals lately, but he’s a bad captain, apparently.
  • Nathan Beaulieu’s hair is so on point at all times. That’s a legit TSM comment, right?
  • Oh right. Staal is on the Rangers now.
  • Keep Kreider away from Price. Far, far away from Price.
  • Oh man. Shea Weber just saved a goal. Also, please do not hurt Price, Oh my god. Shea. Don’t take out Price. Carey Price's day is going about as well as mine. That is, not well at all.
  • Nice to see that other teams have crap power plays too.
  • ...Oh dear...Emelin...Habs’ defence... anybody there, does anybody care?
  • Every time Kreider goes even remotely close to Price, I want to go hide.
  • Thank you Carey.
  • Markov might not have amazing foot-speed anymore, but boy is he usually in the right place at the right time anyway./

Second Period

  • Those Shea Weber slap-shot power play goals will never get old. That puck movement was beautiful too.
  • GAH Pateryn!! Beau!! What are you doing!!
  • Why this. Why Habs. Why. I say again. Where was the defence.
  • McDonagh 600% put Gallagher into Lundqvist. That needs to stop. Defencemen need to stop putting players into their own goalies...And of course Gally got a penalty. Because of course.
  • Carey Price is back. That windmill. Good lord.
  • I’m so glad the Rangers also cannot power play.
  • Too much man for NYR
  • You know that thing I said about Markov being so good at being in the right place at the right time? That.
  • Really Habs? Really? /

Third Period

  • Well, that was a good shift to start the third from the Habs.
  • What a pretty chance from Prince Artturi.
  • The announcers are praising Andrew Shaw for a fantastic defencive play, but I’'m not actually sure he did anything there?
  • That being said, Shaw is definitely having a good game.
  • Half a period left, and I have no idea which way this game is going to go. Though, I can’t help feeling like it’s going to end badly...on a weird bounce.
  • It’s amazing how much dislike I feel for certain Rangers, based fully on that one playoff series. Yes THAT one.
  • Announcers are wondering if Julien can make Shaw a Marchand type, in terms of usefulness. That would be pretty cool.
  • I say nice things about Shaw, and then he does this. Really Andrew? Really?
  • Habs, if you don’t win, the fricking Ottawa Senators will take the division. And that’s just gross.
  • At least Carey is Carey.
  • OH NO, NOT PATERYN. (Though, if he’s hurt, they can’t trade him...)
  • Aaand to OT we go./


  • At least we get a point?
  • Price can tie Dryden??? GET HIM THE WIN BOYS. GET IT FOR HIM NOW.
  • Carey Price is Carey Price. Unfortunately, Henrik Lundqvist is also Henrik Lundqvist.
  • AHG CHUCKY. That was less than good.
  • Too bad Plek wasn’t Paulie there.
  • Imagine if Pacioretty had scored. What a pass by the General.
  • Pacioretty and Markov are looking pretty amazing here.
  • The post. He hit the post.
  • OH GOOD LORD. CAREY. “It’s Carey Price who holds court in overtime.” Now that is a nice turn of phrase. I approve.
  • Aaaaaand to the shoot-out we go./


  • I hate the shootout so much.
  • Ew. Zucc, that was gross.
  • Oh my goodness that Radulov backhand was stellar.
  • Surprising lack of dekes from Chucky
  • Carey Price is magnificent. Have I mentioned lately?
  • HABS WIN 3-2!!!
  • Carey Price is tied with Ken Dryden. /

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