Canadiens vs. Rangers Top Six Minutes: A barn burner at the Bell Centre

The Canadiens rebound to get revenge on the Rangers.


  • Okay, so the bad news is that Habs completely fell apart to the Kings. It was so bad that Habs fans were giving Bronx cheers. It was basically DEFCON 4 at the Bell Centre.
  • But the good news is that they are playing against fellow bottom feeders, the oh so awful New York Rangers.
  • This should be an easy win for Montreal. Right? Right? RIGHT??!/

First Period

  • Lets go Montreal, send Lundqvist - er Pavelec - and co. packing.
  • Bold prediction: somebody in a red-white-and-blue jersey will score tonight. An even bolder prediction: somebody in a red-white-and-blue jersey will score first tonight.
  • Having heard enough about how the Habs don’t score enough, Byron took it upon himself to put one past Pavelec early to give Montreal a 1-0 lead. Suddenly, the Bell Centre became a less scary place.
  • In honour of Halloween, Chucky decided to give Pavelec nightmares, giving the Habs a 2-0 lead. What is a lead, you may ask? It is a mystical and wonderful thing, that must not be questioned but rather enjoyed.
  • And you get a goal! And you get a goal! And you get a goal! This time its Danault, making it 3-0 for the good guys.
  • Hmm, it seems that everyone who spent time on the 4th line has scored. Clearly, it is time for Julien demote the rest of the team, so they can pot some goals as well./

Second Period

  • Montreal’s penalty kill is scary, as in scarily inefficient. After looking lifeless all first period, of course the Rangers would get one back on the power play.
  • There is nothing more satisfying then watching a penalty call go against Kreider.
  • Something that is not as satisfying: second period collapses. A 3-0 lead is all of a sudden a one-goal game. Not a good look on the Habs at all.
  • For my keyboard to the captain’s ears. Perhaps sensing my annoyance miles away, Pacioretty makes it 4-2 so that I can stop complaining about the Canadiens.
  • Gallagher you of the shit-eating grin, you!
  • Feeling sorry for the Rangers, Alzner decided to give them a freebie and chill out in the  penalty box, you know, to see if New York could actually get back into this game./

Third Period

  • Only 20 minutes left. You can do this Habs, just hang in there for the win and the all important two points - and the team ignores my advice almost immediately. Rick Nash needs to stop doing Rick Nash things. Hang on to your seats folks, it is a one-goal game again.
  • Lets talk about the New York Rangers for a second. Despite what may be going on in Habsland right now, it pales in comparison to the dysfunction in the Blueshirts organization.
  • Or you know what? Lets not do that. Tie game, off of Plekanec’s derrière. Yes, that’s the type of game it has been.
  • But Pavelec is gonna Pavelec, and I Danault about you but it is 5-4 Montreal now.
  • Empty net at the Rangers end? Extra attacker? All the icings? It’ll be fine. It’ll be fine. IT. WILL. BE. FINE!
  • The Canadiens come out on top in the battle of the basement dwellers./

Highlight of the Night

EOTP 3 Stars

3. Come on, admit it.

2. This needs to be a hashtag.

1. Officially proving cats are better than dogs.

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