Canadiens vs. Predators: Top Six Minutes - Zebra Safari Edition

After confering, assessment made by the readership in the thread stands. No video evidence that the officiating wasn't bogus.

  • PJ Stock demonstrated Nashville's advantage well during the intermission. The league has stopped calling interference. Horaay for the new dead puck era, in truth it never left us.
  • Dumb game against a boring and not very good opponent.
  • 5 on 3 goals against are bad enough, do they really have to come via Shea Weber playing pinball?
  • Not to say Montreal deserved to win that one. Predators easily outplayed Habs on the balance of play.
  • That EGG line is pretty good eh? Eller is named for the Norse god of puck control.
  • Seth Jones is irritatingly good. So of course he scored the winner.
  • The Canadiens' mojo has vanished since Pacioretty went down. After carrying the play handily through the first 6 games, a pair of mediocrities in Columbus and Nashville have outplayed them. Habs are leaning heavily on Price to keep them in it right now.
  • Daniel Briere might not seem like much of a loss with how he's been playing but he's another top nine body. Same with Brandon Prust. If they are all out in addition to Max Pacioretty, the Habs biggest advantage in forward, 4th lines of depth, has been taken away. The obvious Briere replacement call up in Christian Thomas is hurt too.
  • On the plus side, there is the off chance that this will lead to Louis Leblanc getting away from the toxic grip of the Bulldog's coaching staff. Curious to see who gets called up with the need to fill two more forward spots and no NHL reserves left. Dumont, Blunden and Leblanc seem to be the obvious candidates.
  • Assuming the callups play on the 4th line, I'd guess we will be seeing these top nine lines on Tuesday




  • Yikes, they realy need the kids to carry the offense through the next stretch if that's what they have to work with.
  • Fortunately the next game is against the inept Oilers, so there should be a chance to regroup.
  • Officiating might have cost the game but they did get outplayed. Carey Price deserves much better from his team.

Three stars for a joyless evening.

3. Scott Malta

nothing left to embezzle after Laraque left the arena

2. Marc Dumont

Subban could sneeze and he’d be called for unsportsmanlike conduct.

1. Chiefs North

Upon further contemplation, the referee behind the net admitted that he didn’t see the puck cross the line, he just thought he saw a lucky penny in the back of the net, and couldn’t wait to excitedly point it out.

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