Canadiens vs. Predators Top Six Minutes: Weber and Radulov’s triumphant return to Nashville

The Canadiens win 2-1 in overtime in Shea Weber’s first game back in Nashville.

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

First Period:

  • Shea Weber and Alex Radulov are in the starting lineup. Michel Therrien loves to start players against their former teams and I’m sure it’s something his players appreciate.
  • There’s no Radulove in Nasvhille...
  • I keep watching Max Pacioretty wondering what his leg is made out of...
  • The Preds pay tribute to Shea Weber early in the first period, and if you missed the moment, you should check it out.
  • One second the crowd is chanting “Thank You Weber”, the next they’re booing Alex Radulov.
  • Every team in the NHL should have to do a Carey Price tribute once a season.
  • Jeff Petry already has three shots on goal tonight. While he’s ranked 21st in shots on-goal among NHL defensemen, he has a nearly identical shooting percentage to the defenseman in the NHL who shoots the most - Brett Burns - with 9.5 shooting percentage.
  • Max’s leg is fine apparently. His breakaway late in the first almost puts the Habs up 1-0, but Pekka Rinne makes the save./

Second Period:

  • The Habs start the period with a powerplay. What a perfect opportunity to set up Weber for a goal... this could be the story of the night. A golden thread in a great evening of hockey and the heroics only legends are capable of producing in real life... a grand and — oh the powerplay’s over.
  • This period is brought to you by the powerplay... One for the Predators and one more for the Habs leads to 5:25 of the first twelve minutes of the period to be spent on the man advantage.
  • So about those Carey Price tributes...
  • Well, the Predators probably owe one to Pekka Rinne after this game. He’s been incredible.
  • Why not just have a parade for both goalies after the game? Or get everyone ice cream to celebrate what a display they both put on tonight? It would be much deserved.
  • Well, finally someone breaks the deadlock. Kevin Fiala’s backhand transforms into the kind of trick-shot necessary to beat Carey Price, one that deflects off Nathan Beaulieu’s stick on its way to the net and lobs over Price’s shoulder to give the Predators the game’s opening goal./

Third Period:

  • Shea Weber scores! Perfect.
  • ... and it’s assisted by Alex Radulov! Perfecter.
  • The Habs powerplay has not been good tonight. Three chances so far, and none of them have amounted to much, with only ten shot attempts in total.
  • Brendan Gallagher looks to be hurt after falling into the boards, but he sucks up the pain on the bench and looks like he’ll keep going.
  • Max Pacioretty has been playing like a true leader. He's out there again, trying to make things happen. Tonight it's working, and if not for Pekka Rinne, Pacioretty might have a point or two.
  • All that’s missing from tonight is a P.K. Subban goal... wait. /


  • This is the Habs’ fourth overtime game in a row. They look like they’re learning... will it pay off tonight?
  • ...will it? I get so nervous in OT... especially when it’s three on three...
  • ... one mistake can end it... or one shot...
  • ... a missed assignment... a seeing-eye shot destined to put an end to this incredible hockey game...
  • ... AND IT’S ALEX RADULOV WITH THE PASS TO MAX PACIORETTY, who ends it in overtime to give the Habs the win./

Habs Highlight of the Night:

Weber scores after he’s set up by Radulov. How perfect is that?

EOTP Three Stars:


2) Because it’s true.

3) Something, something, vanilla.

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