Canadiens vs Predators Top Six Minutes: Paul Byron’s late heroics spoil P.K. Subban’s return

Regulation goals and P.K. Subban return to the Bell Centre

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The Bell Centre is chanting P.K. and I’m going to cry. They’re showing M’me Beliveau. P.K. is crying, I’m crying. The video was good. Letting the crowd chant was even better.

Also, Patch won the Carey Price award again when Carey Price was healthy and playing. That’s gotta be some kind of record.

First Period

  • Subban vs Weber. The world is watching.
  • The new Habs lines are beautiful though.
  • King-McCarron-Mitchell looks really, really good. See point above about beautiful lines.
  • P.K. Subban in a white jersey in Montreal is Wrong. Capital W.
  • At least there was offensive zone pressure on that power play!
  • WOW. What a sequence of events started by Alexei Emelin of all people.
  • Preds almost score, Habs almost give me a heart attack.
  • Ouch.
  • Emelin is having a weirdly good game in the offensive zone right now...I don’t know how to process this./

Second Period

  • Please spend more time not in your own zone, Habs...
  • Five minutes later, and that’s still the biggest issue.
  • Eek...Hopefully Ellis is ok...that didn’t look good at all.
  • Maybe it’s just my imagination, but it seems like the fourth line is looking really good tonight.
  • I would appreciate if the Preds would stop plastering Danault to the boards.
  • HABS. Get yourselves together!!! That puck was so close to going in.
  • Jordie being on the Habs remains confusing to me. He looks really good, it’s just confusing.
  • Oh no...not Emelin...McCarron and Petry are not happy right now. Emelin stays on the bench (but doesn’t look very happy), and there’s no call (Julien doesn’t look very happy).
  • And things are getting nasty. I don’t think you want to pick on the Habs when both McCarron and Beaulieu are on the ice, Nashville...
  • Emelin appears to be fine.
  • I’d say the Habs are very lucky to only be down by one./

Third Period

  • How did NONE of those go in???
  • Well that was not ideal from Beau and Benn. Thank you Carey!
  • But then again, that was a great shift from Pacioretty-Galchenyuk-Radulov!
  • SO um...Big Mac just stripped P.K. of the puck and created a scoring chance?
  • Montreal does not look good. Nashville on the other hand...
  • Oh that was pretty. Splits the D to start the play, gets help on the boards from Chucky, and then a beautiful wrap-around.
  • Oh Habs. You were doing so well.
  • I’m having nightmares of Subban scoring from the point on the power play...
  • Huh. That was a pretty decent penalty kill.
  • Do. Not. Break. Chucky.
  • Oh my goodness. Paul. Breakaway. Byron.
  • 8.3 seconds left to play.
  • Habs win 2-1 in regulation for the first time in FOREVER.
  • Talk about slump-busters!/

Highlight of the Game

EOTP Three Stars of the Game

Third star: Too funny not to include

Second star: I believe Betty Boop is undefeated.

First star: Even dead tired, Byron is the fastest man on the ice.

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