Canadiens vs Penguins Top Six Minute: Penalty Kills

No happy ending for the Habs as the Penguins take the final game of the year

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

Bob Cole calls the last Saturday Hockey Night in Canada with the Habs playing Pittsburgh. What a perfect way to end the year.*

*Unless they lose spectacularly

First Period

  • Minutes in, and Plek and Flynn are already causing grumpiness around the Pens’ net.
  • RAD-ULOV!! What a monster. What a shot.
  • Really Jeff? Why you gotta give the billion-headed monster a power play.
  • Holy crap Carey. Wow. I haven’t watched the Habs in a while. I was a little fuzzy on just how good Price is. Not any more.
  • Crosby is just so good. Lucky for us, no one seems capable of finishing off all his pretty plays! In the meantime, I’m just going to hide if Pittsburgh keeps controlling the play like this.
  • What did I say about giving the billion-headed monster power plays???? Apparently Danault didn’t get the memo./

Second Period

  • Well. That’s not what you want. Not at all what you want. Also, please do not go into your own goalie, Shea.
  • What a nifty little defensive play from Barberio, and what an even more impressive bit of backchecking from Radulov.
  • Why are all my teams intent on making me sad. Poor Ryan Johnson. Definitely not prepared to have to hold off Kessel by himself.
  • Important question. How are we outshooting Pittsburgh this period?
  • Please do not hit Beau. We need Beau.
  • Wow are the Habs bad on the power play.
  • Malkin cellys, but Price has the puck. I love Carey Price.
  • Paul, Lord Byron with his 12th of the year!!!
  • Oh boy, Byron and Petry remain absolutely on fire. /

Third Period

  • So much scrambling. No one knows how that puck went in, but it’s in!!! (It went off of several Penguins and in, which is appropriate, it was scored by Flynn.) Bless this ridiculous team.
  • Pacioretty getting the better of Kessel makes me happy in the way only Pacioretty getting the better of Leafs (or former Leafs) can.
  • How did none of those go in.
  • Every time Byron is part of any kind of breakaway I have hope. Thank you Calgary.
  • The Pens are pressing hard...I’m getting nervous...
  • Hagelin’s flow is spectacular. I’m pretty sure I’ve said this every time I write about the Habs and Pens...but it continues to need to be said.
  • Oh no...what have I said about the billion-headed monster and power plays...
  • All of the short handed chances!!!!
  • Get. It. Out.
  • Of course. Of course they score with one minute remaining.
  • The lack of flow on Danault makes me very sad.
  • Aaaand to overtime we go.../


  • Oh man if the Captain had scored there...
  • Haha everyone is so indignant and I don’t even know what’s happening. Wow refs. Wow. Also, wow Habs. Wow. Also, that thing I said about letting the Penguins play on the power play...
  • Bless Carey Price
  • Really?? That’s how we lose??
  • 4-3 Penguins to end the year. =//

Highlight of the Game

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