Canadiens vs. Penguins Top Six Minutes: Desharnais and Montoya shine

The Price-less Habs took on the Crosby-less Pens and won.

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

Pre-game Thoughts

  • Welcome to a match up between two teams who are clearly missing their best players.
  • Yes, Marc-André Fleury is in net! This is going to be a piece of cake. (looks at his stats against the Habs) On second thought, never mind...
  • So how much do Habs fans miss Carey Price? Judging by the noise that erupted out of the Bell Centre, a lot./

First Period

  • That Pacioretty goal was brought to you by all his pent up rage at one Coach Torts and the entire US World Cup squad.
  • Is it just me, or does Marc-André Fleury suffer from untimely wandering goalie syndrome?
  • The Captain giveth and the Captain taketh. Pacioretty was sent off because he...did...something? Unless the referee has a sixth sense for invisible holds, that was a weak sauce penalty against the Habs.
  • Ping ~ the sound of puck meeting post. Hate it when your team does it, love it when the other team does it (in a heart stopping, blood pressure raising, stomach dropping, butt clenching sort of way).
  • Al Montoya is single-handily saving Montreal’s bacon./

Second Period

  • Penalty Kill! Penalty Kill! Penalty Kill! And no, I’m not referring to Montreal’s power play, I’m actually referring to the Canadiens’ actually good actual penalty kill.
  • Fleury remembered how to be a goalie this period. This isn’t good.
  • A power play that was not a power play returned to being a power play. Thanks Pens.
  • The impromptu Desharnais-Pacioretty-Shaw line scored a goal! This is great, they put the Canadiens up by two. On the other hand, Montreal is still coached by Michel Therrien and we all know how this movie ends.
  • The Pens can’t help but negate any power play they earn, by almost immediately doing everything in their power to get sent to the penalty box. It’s kind of endearing, really.
  • Marc-André Fleury is saving Pittsburgh’s bacon (not words that I expected to write today, to be honest)./

Third Period

  • A.K.A. Penalty Hour!
  • No really, the Penguins can’t stop themselves from taking penalties. The undisciplined group of flightless birds gave Montreal a 4-on-3 to start the period. And then the Habs decided to repay the favour by taking a penalty to negate a 5-on-3. But then the Pens couldn’t help themselves from drawing another penalty. Oh hold up, the Habs are going back to the penalty box...
  • You know what? I give up. Both the Pens and Habs can’t follow rules and I can’t keep track of who’s getting a penalty for what. Just know this, if the Pens were penalized, its because they are a bunch of dirty jerks and they totally deserved their penalty. If the Habs were penalized, its because the referees are as blind as a bat and the Habs totally didn’t deserve their penalties.
  • Unlike me, this guy knows what’s going on:/
  • Max Pacioretty was helped off the ice. Hockey Gods, why have you forsaken us? All we want is a healthy team, entertaining hockey, a good coach and a fair shot at winning the Cup. Instead, you mysteriously injure our best players, make us sit through dump and chase hockey and enough has been said on this site about Michel Therrien. Why do you like making us suffer?
  • False alarm! Captain Wolverine looks fine, Radulov scored his first goal, Desharnais scored another goal and a goaltender interference call actually went in Montreal’s favour for once. This doesn’t mean we are cool Hockey Gods, but its a start.
  • A 4-0 win on home ice. This couldn’t have possibly gone better.  /

Habs Highlights of the Night

EOTP Three Stars

1. Good call.

2. Pretty much.

3. The entire 3rd period in a nutshell.

Habs highlights of the night:

Radulov scores his first with the team, in style!

Jacques Demers hands the torch to Max Pacioretty

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