Canadiens vs Penguins - The Warmup - Sid the kid

Believe it or not, but Sidney Crosby has played just one game in Montreal since the playoffs in 2009.

The last time Sidney Crosby played in Montreal was November 26th, 2011, and it was a game both fanbases would probably like to forget.

For the Penguins, it was the beginning of concussion problems for Kris Letang after a bad hit by Max Pacioretty, and for the Canadiens, an overtime loss that couldn't have been less legitimate if it tried, as a concussed Letang took the puck out of Carey Price's glove long after the play should have been whistled dead and deposited it in the net.

Crosby put up two secondary assists on the night, but he wasn't the factor you expect the best hockey player in the world to be.

Tonight's match is the only game the Penguins play in Montreal this season, which means Crosby will have appeared on Bell Centre ice just two times over a period of at least 1240 days.

How big of a show is he going to put on tonight for the fans of the team he grew up loving?

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