Canadiens vs. Panthers Top Six Minutes: Stone Cold in the Sunshine State

The Habs get shut out to cap off a woeful offensive stretch.


  • It will actually be the first time I will watch Montreal vs. Florida live since I was in the Centre Bell and caught Jagr in a Florida jersey in 2015...
  • I wonder if we break the one goal a game tonight?/

First period

  • Good start, some high quality chances in the first two minutes.
  • As soon as I type that Montreal goes to the penalty kill.
  • Great defensive play by Morrow to break up the two-on-one, puck didn’t get past him when the pass came.
  • Gallagher outside the paint, but the Panters commentary wants a two minute minor on the Canadien.
  • Carey Price - enough said.
  • Oh damn, Drouin shot - Galchenyuk and Lehkonen infront of the net, Reimer saves though. /

Second Period

  • 1-0 Home team, lets see if it takes less than 60 seconds until the next goal...
  • At least no goals within a minute after the first.
  • No sustained pressure in the Florida end for Montreal, the opposite is correct though...
  • Sporadic chances, Pacioretty, Drouin but nothing comes out of the few things Montreal creates.
  • It’s 2.30 AM, I am not even sure why I said I could do this... Watching paint dry would have been more interesting.
  • Danault goes to the box, seems injured as well, got caught in the ice when causing a slow foot.
  • Looks bad for Danault, MCL tear?/


  • According to Nick Kypreos, Marc Bergevin is shopping Max Pacioretty..../

Third Period

  • Gallagher to the box for puck out, this is going well.
  • Penalty Kill done, still 1-0 Florida
  • 2-0 on a good set up play, Price was left alone, had to push and was left without a chance.
  • ... ... ...
  • This is just sad...
  • #AllInForDahlin/

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Final thought

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