Canadiens vs. Panthers Top Six Minutes: The no good, very bad, very dumb edition

You could charitably call this a game of hockey I suppose.

Pre-Game Thoughts

  • Yes, it’s once again a Reverse Retro game night.
  • HOWEVER, that’s good because it means Montreal might lose and further secure a better lottery position.
  • Or, because the team is playing the Panthers, it means the game will go to overtime and everyone ends up upset.
  • I have a feeling that Jesse Ylönen is going to end up on the scoresheet tonight, in a positive way that is.
  • Just keep it respectable lads./

First Period

  • That was nearly an incredible goal by Josh Anderson.
  • That WAS an incredible set of saves from Samuel Montembeault!
  • And a power play! Not a bad start Habbies!
  • Uh, where ya goin’ Bobrovsky?
  • Didn’t expect Jordan Harris to be the Habs defender laying the body tonight!
  • So many posts so far.
  • Well, penalty kill time.
  • Gonna need Alex Lyon to just stop, doing all the good things he’s doing right now.
  • The Panthers taking a penalty out of all of that is stunning.
  • Did I just see Josh Anderson line up at centre on the power play?
  • Okay so that Matheson hit is probably a penalty, but don’t worry Joel Edmundson has him covered.
  • Well, that was certainly a period of hockey that was played./

Second Period

  • Oh no, there’s a possible EBUG chance tonight and I just know the Habs would lose that game.
  • Well, that’s two good PKs from the Habs, I’ll take that always.
  • My god that was a monster hit by Radko Gudas, I can’t even be mad at that.
  • Well, guys just because the penalty kill has worked tonight doesn’t mean you should keep trying it.
  • Love to see that effort from Rafaël Harvey-Pinard while shorthanded!
  • Well, that felt inevitable.
  • Oooo goalie interference review time!
  • Get the hell out of here with this crap man.
  • And it’s now 2-0, but remember the refs are out to get Paul Maurice.
  • For the love of god score on this power play you band of merry idiots.
  • Alex Lyon, just...stop please.
  • Are these refs actually serious?
  • ...
  • Just pay the fine Marty.
  • Oh for [REDACTED] sake, at least have a spine Habs.
  • Oh so now the Panthers want to try and fight Matheson now that they can basically do whatever they want.
  • Or don’t good work fellas.
  • Well, the third period is going to be very VERY stupid./

Third Period

  • Oh godspeed Cayden Primeau.
  • Xhekaj getting a ten minute misconduct is the first call I agree with tonight from the refs.
  • REM!
  • At least the Habs aren’t getting shutout tonight!
  • Well, everything is dumb now.
  • Very, very dumb.
  • Absolutely no idea how that is only a two minute penalty on Sam Bennett for that knee on Jordan Harris.
  • Well, the joy was short-lived I guess.
  • Arber Xhekaj has been released from the box, prepare for chaos.
  • Givani Smith, that was unwise.
  • Dudes are just throwing dangerous hits all over, please protect Nick and Cole.
  • Whew.
  • That’s a heck of a tilt from Pezzetta and Lomberg.
  • Of course they hit Pez with an instigator for that fight.
  • Okay, but for real let’s just get this game over with now.
  • Well, sure why not Gudas with one last attempted cheap shot.
  • Well, at least it’s over./

EOTP 3 Stars

3) It was another good start at least

2) Just making up the rules as we go along

1) We may need an entry draft for officials

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