Canadiens vs. Panthers Top Six Minutes: All Scratched Up

The Montreal Canadiens road woes continue, as they drop one to the Florida Panthers.


  • No Price. No Weber. No Pacioretty. What could possibly go wrong?
  • Everything. Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong.
  • And while you are at it, ponder this philosophical question: if the Florida Panthers struggle and there aren’t any computer boys around to blame, are they really struggling at all?/

First Period

  • Charlie Lindgren wears his equipment the wrong way (I know he doesn’t, but it just looks that way).
  • No matter how many centres they lose to injury, it is clear that the Canadiens will never play Galchenyuk at centre. C’est la vie.
  • Goal or no goal? Ruling: inconclusive. Why yes, it is the year 2018 and things such as video review do exist. And no, the NHL still can’t definitively determine whether a puck crossed the line or not.
  • Also, shout out to Roberto Luongo, that sly old fox. The veteran goaltender gave nothing away on that play.
  • Instead of playing 5-on-4 hockey on the power play, the Habs decided to go 7-on-4. Unfortunately, the refs weren’t having it.
  • And it immediately bites the Habs in their behinds, as Jonathan Huberdeau scores the first goal of the game on the power play for the litter box cats./

Second Period

  • You know the Habs are bad, when the opposing team’s broadcasters keep mentioning Florida’s last game against the Tampa Bay Lightning approximately every five minutes.
  • Nick Bjugstad sent a puck, and a Brendan Gallagher past Lindgren to make it 2-0 Panthers.
  • What remains of Montreal’s d-core nearly suffered another blow when Rinat Valiev went down awkwardly. Luckily, he was able to skate it off.
  • Some dude named...*squints*...Micheal Haley, scored. Yeah, it’s one of those games. He makes it 3-0 for Florida.
  • One thing is certain, the Montreal Canadiens still can’t count. The team takes it’s second too many men penalty of the night.
  • Seriously, the Habs need to hire this guy as an assistant coach ASAP./

Third Period

  • Florida’s rink is as empty as my heart is when I watch the Canadiens nowadays.
  • Evgenii Dadonov’s one-timer makes it 4-0 for the bad guys, because when it rains, it pours. Speaking of Russians, remember when the Habs had a bunch of them? Especially some guy who’s name rhymed with Barkov? Yeah, me neither.
  • Jacob De La Rose’s timely blow to Luongo’s head negates a late Paul Byron goal, because it was goaltender interference or something.
  • As the third period is trudging along, Jonathan Huberdeau can’t seem to stop giving the Canadiens power play opportunities. It doesn’t matter though, because the Panthers have a Vincent Trocheck. His short-handed marker makes it 5-0 for the home team.
  • Charlie Lindgren deserves better. Having started for the Laval Rocket, and now this Canadiens squad, the poor guy can’t seem to catch a break.
  • On the bright side, at least the Habs have gone back to their tanking ways. /

Highlight of the Night

EOTP Three Stars

  1. Now that would be something.

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