Canadiens vs Panthers Top Six Minutes - Bored Then Bourqued Edition

Your quick recap of tonight's Canadiens overtime win over the Panthers.

  • Remember when the Florida road trips used to test our will to live? These four points are a nice change.
  • Can't take back what I said about Rene Bourque in the offseason, but I can send him candy hearts tonight.
  • Seriously, I'm pretty excited about him now. I may need a new guy for my doghouse. Thoughts?
  • Really decent job by Jose Theodore. Full confession, I watched this game at the gym, so I could be misjudging, but the Canadiens' shots were far more threatening than those by the Panthers.
  • Not to say that Carey Price didn't earn his shutout.
  • Shutout!
  • So this game was boring. Here's a quick summary of what happened in the first three periods:
    Some faceoffs were won.
    Some puck battles happened.
    Some penalties were killed.
    Some power plays were also killed.
    Some guys checked some other guys.
    Some shots were taken.
    None of them went in.
  • The overtime, in contrast, was pretty exciting, mainly because I will never get enough of watching Andrei Markov or P.K. Subban do... anything.
  • The Florida Panthers have what appears to be called Club Red right behind the benches, and somewhere behind those seats is a full-service club, whatever that means, and that, apparently, is why the section always looks empty (I heard all of this on TSN 690 between periods, by the way). My question is, if you're going to pay a ton of money to go to a hockey game, why wouldn't you watch the hockey game?
  • Oh, because it's a Florida Panthers hockey game.
  • Your EOTP Three Stars of the night:
    3rd Star is Berkshire, because that's who you rec'ed, on the BAC camera angle.
    2nd Star is Nolan KB on quality broadcasting.
    1st Star is JD__ on accomplishments to be proud of.

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