Canadiens vs. Oilers Top Six Minutes: The West won

An embarrassing performance on Saturday night.

First Period

  • These Hockey Night in Canada openers just keep getting worse and worse - let’s just get to the hockey please
  • Do the Habs ever get tired of setting up Shea Weber with a slapper on the PP? No. The answer is no.
  • I really like Daniel Carr
  • Charles Hudon loses the puck to Darnell Nurse but then immediately poke checks it away from Milan Lucic in a diving play. Can we clone him.
  • Michael Cammlleri scores his first in 37 game and of course it’s against us
  • Jesse Puljujarvi scores
  • BUT WAIT. The puck didn’t actually go in and for once the refs make the right call during a review
  • Carey Price plays the puck - poorly - and Dylan Strome knocks it down and over to Jujhar Khaira who scores. 2-0 at the end of the first./

Second Period

  • Khaira with his second of the night, 3-0 Oilers
  • Montreal looks like theyre standing still
  • And now the Oilers get a power play. At least it’s terrib...Lucic scores.
  • Price pulled and Antti Niemi is in
  • Best line of the night so far = fourth line. Yikes.
  • Andrew Shaw fighting – I am not surprised in the least. Is that really the best way to ‘motivate’ your bench
  • Remember last Saturday when we were winning like 6-0 at this point
  • Ladies and gents, Alex Galchenyuk! Can all the haters please back off now or what
  • Does anyone else struggle with Game Centre buffering every 30 seconds
  • Mercy, what a save by Niemi
  • End of the second, 4-1/

Third Period

  • Brendan Gallagher takes a bad penalty and yes, now it’s 5-1
  • Maybe if I have as many shots of whiskey as Edmonton has goals, I will feel better about this game
  • 6-1
  • Max Pacioretty is the most underrated and most shit-on player in the league. It is infuriating.
  • Phillip Danault scores his sixth of the season on the power play
  • Fans boo as time runs out
  • Overall, a pretty embarrassing performance. Onto the next one/

Highlight of the night

EOTP 3 Stars

3. And delivered

2. Who else misses Tim Thompson’s video intros?

1. This seemed the most fitting

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