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Canadiens vs. Maple Leafs Top Six Minutes: Ending on a low note


  • This is it, the all important Game 82!
  • This awful, awful, AWFUL season is finally, finally, FINALLY coming to an end.
  • What a heartbreaking tribute to the Humboldt Broncos./

First Period

  • Oh great, its time to listen to “hurray the Leafs made the playoffs” praise for approximately the next 60 odd minutes.
  • Contrary to what the broadcast may have you believe, the Habs are the better team halfway through the first. Montreal has been outshooting and outworking their opponents.
  • Brendan Gallagher has been one of the lone bright spots in a rather forgettable season, setting a new career high by putting up 53 points and scoring 31 goals.
  • The Habs were doing so well until the last 5 minutes of the period, after which they tried their damn best to allow whichever Leaf forward with the puck to skate up to Carey Price with impunity.
  • Yay, it’s time for the penalty kill! Whatever could possibly go wrong? You already know whats going to go wrong.
  • And just like that the Habs are down a goal./

Second Period

  • Lots of Leafs doing Leafs things to start the period. Accompanied by a lot of, “wow look at the Leafs doing Leafs things” from the broadcast. This is truly a season to forget.
  • Time for a Montreal power play. What is the over/under on the Habs giving up a short handed chance?
  • Time for another Montreal power play. What is the over/under on the Habs doing something different this time around?
  • At least Jeff Petry looks good out there, giving another solid performance despite the circumstances.
  • Carr did the thing! As an aside, thank you Roman Polak for the helpful assist on the play. Running into your own goalie is a strategy I hope you continue to use in the playoffs.
  • The Canadiens nearly got out of the period without a scratch, before deciding that the last two minutes of the second was the best time to give the Leafs another power play./

Third Period

  • The Habs gave up another goal in the opening minute of a period. Colour me surprised.
  • Komarov up to his usual shenanigans, this time trying to run Price over. Though Price seriously seemed to consider landing a few punches in response, he wisely settled for a Habs power play.
  • In retrospect, Carey Price should have probably just punched him, seeing as his team immediately responded by giving the Leafs yet ANOTHER power play. At least this time it didn’t lead to a goal.
  • McCarron helps put the Leafs back on the power play. Kadri says thank you very much by scoring. The Leafs now possess an insurmountable 2-goal lead.
  • Habs pull Price in a desperate attempt to…well who knows at this point. But hey, at least Alex Galchenyuk scored. Or was it Petry? Ah, who cares.
  • At long last this season has finally come to a merciful end (but not before giving up another goal). See you all next season, when we can do this all again folks!/

Highlight of the night

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