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Canadiens vs. Maple Leafs Top Six Minutes: Habs score three, but fall in overtime

Fellow Habs fans, it is time to take a deep breath.

Yes, yes, we all know that the Toronto Matthews Leafs are in town. And yes Montreal has had some trouble scoring goals. And yes, starting Galchenyuk on the 4th is a real head scratcher.

But the Habs have been unlucky beyond belief and the season is still young. There are a lot more games to play. Who knows, maybe this will be the game that sparks the Canadiens’ winning ways.

And if they lose, well – I’m just gonna have to dust off my pitchfork and torches collection.

First Period

  • Seriously though Habs, please don’t lose to the Leafs. You’ll never hear the end of it. We’ll never hear the end of it. It’s a lose-lose situation no matter how you look at it.
  • Jeff Petry-dished a slick pass from Drouin to give the Canadiens an early lead.
  • The Hockey Gods clearly hold a grudge against someone in the Habs organization. Either that, or Andrei Markov is pushing pins into his Habs voodoo doll. How else do you explain those flukey Leafs goals?
  • Alex Galchenyuk – is he a winger, a centre, a candlestick maker? Discuss.
  • Apparently, Alex Galchenyuk chose (d) none of the above. Seriously though, good on him for getting that monkey off his back with that power play marker. It couldn’t have been easy, considering all the criticism he’d been receiving lately.
  • Only Matt Martin would think it’s a good idea to goad Shea Weber. He clearly itching to be on the receiving end of Weber’s slapshot. /

Second Period

  • I think the Habs should focus on the whole ‘skating the puck out of their own zone thing’, over the ‘make a hail mary pass and pray thing’, which they seem to be doing to get the puck out.
  • You know what Hockey Gods, I don’t mind you guys. Denying Toronto a goal, and then giving Drouin one seconds later? Well played. Y’all are good folk.
  • And what an assist by Karl Alzner! – with him, he is either Alzner or Nonezner (preemptively ducks incoming rotten tomatoes).
  • I take that back. Go home Hockey Gods, y’all are drunk. And terrible. Really, really terrible. It is your fault that Carey Price has looked decidedly un-Carey Price like in this game.
  • Between being deked out on the Drouin goal and taking a terrible penalty to close the second frame, Habs’ secret sleeper agent Tyler Bozak has finally been activated.
  • The Habs aren’t down a goal. That in itself is a big accomplishment./

Third Period

  • So that Victor Mete kid, he’s looking pretty good next to Weber eh? What is the over/under on him staying up past a nine game tryout?
  • If only other teams’ defence were more like Toronto’s – non-existent.
  • And to think, Las Vegas could have had Charles Hudon for nothing! Instead, they went with Alexei Emelin. Thank you GM George McPhee! May you continue your fantastic GM-ing ways for seasons to come.
  • Only Brendan Gallagher could get professional hockey players to become completely unhinged with a single shit-eating grin.
  • Andrew Shaw can’t seem to buy a call. He’s been taking all kinds of abuse that would normally result in penalty, if it happened to any other player on either team.
  • Regulation solves nothing, it is 3-on-3 time. /


  • Why is it that every time I write a TSM, the Habs end up playing extra time?
  • Darn that Matthews kid.
  • Something something PDO.
  • Losing sucks./

Highlight of the Night

EOTP 3 Stars

1. You and me both.

2. Ouch.

3. Pretty much.

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