Canadiens vs. Maple Leafs Top Six Minutes: We’re going streaking

The Anderson, Caufield, Montembeault show was hella fun.

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  • Dare we dream big and go for a winning streak?
  • Why not, I say. Why the heck not?/

First period

  • Pitlick steals the puck, takes off down the ice and... crashes into Mrazek. Got a little too excited there did ya, Rem?
  • Anderson parks himself in front of the net, it takes three attempts but he notches his 11th of the season and opens the scoring!
  • Oh dear, the Leafs are the first ones to the power play as Kulak heads to the box. This could be bad.
  • Nope, all good.
  • Not sure what just happened but someone just literally rolled over on Caufield.
  • There ya go, the second time Caufield gets hauled down the Leafs get called.
  • Caufield almost capitalizes on the call but Mrazek doesn’t fall for it.
  • Anderson and Caufield team up to beat all Leafs down the ice, Anderson passes (yes, passes) to Caufield who goes top shelf and we’re heading into the second 2-0!/

Second period

  • Muzzin loses control of the puck but Hoffman doesn’t as he shoots the puck under Mrazek’s arm and into the net 38 seconds in!
  • And...AND... we’ve only had 10 shots on goal. Ten.
  • Anderson with a mini breakaway but doesn’t get this one past Mrazek. The night’s still young.
  • Marner gets one off the goalpost. Good for you, Marney. That was pretty close.
  • Caufield feeds the puck to Anderson right in front of the net but Mrazek’s glove stole the puck.
  • I feel like I’m writing Anderson and Caufield a lot tonight. And I am very okay with that.
  • Habs PK is victorious again. I’m giggling. I haven’t giggled all season.
  • Anderson from Caufield and we’re 4-0!! Did I not warn you that the night was still young?
  • I’m gonna switch it up a bit now... Gally to Pitlick and we’ve got ourselves a 5-0 game on 20 shots!
  • It couldn’t be better timing to have the fans back in the stands. Ole, Ole never sounded so sweet.
  • With 28 seconds Suzuki checks Holl, Spezza takes a shot at Suzuki for it and the Habs are having none of it. Pile up!/

Third period

  • The Leafs finally manage to get on the board after Rielly’s shot goes off the pant leg of Mikheyev.
  • Oh no...
  • 45 seconds later Engvall makes it 2-0.
  • Shake it off Monty. Hang in there. Pleeeeease.
  • No call on the stick to Suzuki’s face or Marner’s shoulder to Byron’s face.
  • Oh, I see how this period is going to go.
  • No blocking pucks, Josh. I forbid it.
  • The Habs got their third win in a row...
  • With a 5-2 win...
  • Over the Leafs...
  • Now, that was fun hockey!/

EOTP 3 Stars

3) This is the rule

2) Now that would be a plot twist

1) At least their fourth line is good!

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