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Canadiens vs. Lightning Top Six Minutes: Streak busting good times

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


  • 28th ranked team on a five game losing streak against the 1st overall team. The conditions are just right for an upset I think.
  • Mikhail Sergachev is playing his 40th game for the Lightning this year, which means that the Habs keep that second round pick, so that means that Bergevin wins?
  • Jacob de la Rose was a healthy scratch for practically an entire month, so it makes sense to throw him out there against the best team in the League. Daniel Carr takes a seat to think about what he’s done.
  • Brett Lernout is back with the Rocket, so with Weber injured the Habs only have six healthy defencemen. I bet that Nicolas Deslauriers is hoping that everyone forgot that he played a game on defence for the Laval Rocket this season./

First Period

  • Max Pacioretty’s streak of forcing opposing goalies make incredible saves is safe.
  • Kucherov misses a wide open net off a two-on-one. Everyone gets one. The Habs should probably cover him from now on.
  • Habs are on fire at the start of this game.
  • This first period is flying by. You know what they say, time flies when the fans are having fun.
  • No pain, no gain: Danault blocks a shot loudly from the point on a penalty kill, drops to a knee, then gets up and clears the puck. ::heart emoji::
  • The Habs have controlled the play with numerous odd-man rushes thus far.
  • Wait, why are all the Tampa Bay guys winking at each other? Wait, are they playing rope-a-dope?
  • Hudon gets a partial breakaway while carrying two Lightning players on his back. Not even Maurice Richard can say that he carried two players on his back. Anyways, Hudon didn’t even get a shot on net. He’s no Rocket, but at least he’s not a Rocket.
  • ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM (the sound of Paul Byron skating) draws a penalty at the very end of the period to cancel out a Lightning power play./

Second Period

  • GOOOOOOOOOOAL! Sergachev passing the puck directly to Pacioretty, who snaps a puck past Vasilevsky for a Habs goal is the most schadenfreude thing I can think of right now.
  • Kucherov tying the game immediately afterwards is the most schadenfreude thing since that last schadenfreude thing.
  • Going back to that Pacioretty goal, he dropped out of that goal-celebrating huddle real quick. Looked kind of more angry.
  • Nothing is happening.
  • Nothing is happening.
  • Feels like the possession chart is shifting in Tampa Bay’s favour.
  • Doesn’t really feel like the Canadiens have a top line. Their best elements are individual players tonight: Gallagher, Pacioretty, and Byron and the most visible. Each one plays on a different line.
  • A three-on-one for the Habs finally wakes up the fans. Vasilevskiy makes the save though. Wow this period is taking forever.
  • “Go Habs Go” chants break out as fans begin showing their approval of the effort of the Montreal side. Players look confused.
  • Jacob De la Rose playing like he wants to stay in the lineup. Looking good on a line with Deslauriers who always looks like he wants to stay in the lineup.
  • NO! RDS don’t show Julien Brisebois on the screen! The fans have momentarily forgotten how apocalyptic everything is./

Third Period

  • Sergachev hurt Gallagher!!
  • PRICE makes a monsterous save on Kucherov who had all the time in the world to skate leisurely on a breakaway after Karl Alzner lost the puck at the Lightning blue line.
  • True story: I just heard Joe Morrow’s name for the first time this game.
  • Habs are getting chances. The line of Pacioretty/Danault/Hudon is starting to set the pace for this game. Each member is a scoring threat. Perhaps I was too quick to judge.
  • Joke time: Galchenyuk and Drouin walk into a bar. Galchenyuk says to Drouin. “Hey look, a two-for-one special. What a break!” Drouin says “Nah. I’ll pass.” Both walk out with nothing.
  • That was a terrible joke, but so was that two-on-one.
  • An exciting third period with some good skating all around. Habs earned that point with hard work./


  • Is it Plekanec to start? No?
  • Drouin wins the faceoff to start…
  • C’mon boys, make me regret that joke.
  • This OT period is wildly entertaining
  • Vasilevskiy has makes a big save on Plekanec
  • Shootout? Shootout.
  • The crowd is totally into this game./


  • GOAL! Paul Byron – whips the puck past the goal
  • SAVE! Brayden Point – Price flashes the leather lobster
  • SAVE! Jonathan Drouin – ran out of room as Vasilevskiy followed him the whole way
  • MISS! Kucherov – misses blocker side on Price
  • SAVE! Pacioretty – tried to go five-hole, but legs were closed
  • MISS! Stamkos – nothing!
  • HABS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BREATHE IT IN PEOPLE!!!!!!!!/

Highlight of the night

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