Canadiens vs. Lightning Top Six Minutes: Goalies put on a show at the Bell Centre

An entertaining affair took centre stage on the ice.


  • I can’t remember the last time I felt so nervous about a player trade happening mid game
  • No Mike Cammalleri doesn’t count because I didn’t expect that
  • Go Habs Go, please don’t play like crap/

First Period

  • A nice save from Niemi early on, good to see him rebound in Montreal so far this year.
  • A 3 on 1! Andddd the shot falls to Jacob de la Rose
  • You ever sort of forget that Chris Kunitz is a thing?
  • The Froese that pays! Habs lead 1-0 on a great redirection by Byron Froese./
And it's gone!
  • Taking Steven Stamkos off the ice for five minutes and getting a power play out of it is the best play of Karl Alzner’s season.
  • Ah Niemi, making a routine stop look like a scrambled mess, but so long as the puck stays out who cares right?
  • I mean sure, why not, let’s have Brendan Gallagher fight a billion foot tall giant in Victor Hedman./

Second Period

  • Shut up Don Cherry
  • Charles Hudon is so ridiculously good at threading passes in the narrowest of gaps.
  • Taking multiple penalties in a row isn’t advisable guys, just saying.
  • See this is why we can’t have nice things Montreal.
  • Hudon with an incredible set up, and Joe Morrows lets a rocket go and we are tied!
  • Excellent moves by Mete to draw that penalty late in the period.
  • Mikhail Sergachev turning the puck over and Pacioretty almost scoring was too glorious, shame Max couldn’t bury his chance for peak Schadenfreude.
  • And a third breakaway!
  • No goals, but a great end to the period./

Third Period

  • I see and hear all these Pacioretty rumors, and I choose to ignore them.
  • Cedric Paquette is extremely tough on the ice when he isn’t worried about having his visor punched into orbit.
  • Guys, we talked about this, less penalties right in a row.
  • (Unintelligible screaming)
  • There’s so many penalties and breakaways I can’t be sure that Oprah isn’t running some sort of giveaway at this game.
  • Holy hell Antti Niemi is playing out of his mind.
  • The back and forth swings are fantastic, this might be one of the most fun games of the year for the Habs.
  • I’ve been watching through my fingers for like, ten minutes now.
  • Overtime!/


  • Don’t boo Max you jerks!
  • (Yes he should have shot it)
  • Why is Joe Morrow?
  • Niemi with an incredible OT period too, absolutely lights out.
  • What a save by Andrei Vasilevskiy to rob Hudon and get the win.
  • That was fun, more of that please Habs!/

Highlight of the night

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