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Canadiens vs. Lightning Top Six Minutes: Habs caught in deep freeze to end 2017

Pre Game

  • Not looking forward to this game, I’m not gonna lie.
  • I wonder how Tampa Bay fans feel about seeing Jonathan Drouin back.
  • 600th NHL game for Max Pacioretty, here’s hoping he gets a monkey off his back.
  • Here we go!/

First Period

  • Good start to the game so far.
  • Pace is already up.
  • Price!
  • Vasilevski!
  • So that’s what a good power play looks like.
  • So weird to see Sergachev over there in blue.
  • Price stopping Stamkos and Kucherov within seconds makes me tingle.
  • Here come the Lightning.
  • Daniel Carr is a dog on a bone.
  • Galchenyuk and Drouin playing together is fun, and many times, they float to their natural positions in the offensive zone. Just saying.
  • Montreal really looking to get a Joe Morrow bomb on the menu.
  • Jerabek to Hudon with the stretch pass is now a thing, and I want more of it.
  • And the Habs remind us what a not-so-good power play looks like.
  • The momentum appears gone.
  • OK no it’s not – just going back and forth.
  • Byron with the tip, going double post and out.
  • Petry with the dangle in the offensive zone – what’s he been eating for breakfast?
  • Drouin followed johnson like he knew where he was going there, good coverage.
  • Sarge showing off moves makes me kind of sad.
  • At the end of the period, some pushing and shoving for some reason. /

Second Period

  • Tampa’s PP is just fun to watch.
  • On a related note, Hooray for Carey Price.
  • Those cross-ice passes, dios mio!
  • Height difference contributing to a high-stick call? Nah, but it is comical to watch.
  • A very Gally Goal!
  • PINGGGGGGGGG. Seriously what a loud post.
  • Jerabek doing more good things.
  • Why are we giving the Lightning another power play?
  • Second period pace is equally high as the first.
  • Galchenyuk sending the Tampa Bay PP right back out there.
  • I liked the play by Chucky, but you can’t be railroading goalies like that.
  • Sarge holding the zone, chaos ensues. He’s really good, you guys.
  • Price solid under fire, as he has been all night.
  • Tampa definitely taking more control of the period now.
  • Oh, Alzner, no…
  • Well with the Lightning scoring with only 11 seconds left on the clock, we hardly need to worry about another goal in the next minute.
  • We’re not losing!/

Third Period

  • Price save!
  • Nevermind, Lightning scored anyways.
  • Turns out we did have to worry about a goal within a minute of the last one.
  • Once again Montreal has mostly played well and are now chasing from behind.
  • Somebody in white… do something. Anything!
  • Not that, Desi.
  • Not that either, Max.
  • Not a good night for the captain’s milestone 600th. Looks like he is trying to play through an injury of some kind, because this is not his usual self.
  • 3-1 Tampa Bay on a Stamkos power play goal. Lightning still have a man advantage for well over a minute.
  • Carey Price is doing everything he can to keep this game close.
  • Drouin and Hudon’s lines have been producing consistent effort and chances.
  • A little four-on-four action, a chance to bring back the fast pace from periods one and two.
  • Stamkos goes for the hat trick and robbed by Price!
  • And again!
  • Montreal draws a penalty but fails to threaten really at all.
  • There goes Carey, it’s all or nothing time.
  • Brendan Gallagher fighting for every opportunity, getting a solid shot on net out of it.
  • That’s all, folks. Tough loss, good game against a really good team./

Highlight of the night

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