Canadiens vs Leafs TSM: Goals Galore

Price is in his net, and all is right with the world

Carey Price is in the Habs’ net, the season is around the corner, and all is right with the world.

First Period

  • Shaw-shank redemption! Andrew Shaw strikes first. Sarge with the assist! (thank you Jared for that one).
  • Poor Ghetto just blocked three shots on the same shift. Didn’t look terribly happy about that.
  • BIG MAC JUST SCORED FROM CENTRE ICE. Poor Freddo. That’s so Leafs.
  • Uh oh... not Petry...not Petry...please not Petry... prays to all the hockey gods.
  • Weber hits Komarov, and the Bell Centre is very appreciative.
  • Everything was going so well, and then Emelin took a penalty. sigh
  • Chucky in short handed allllll by himself. I bet this is going to happen a lot this season. The Habs are supposed to be on the penalty kill. They’re looking pretty good in the Leafs’ end right now.
  • Ew. Ew Matthews, ew. He is very, very good.
  • Nice little play by McCarron though to take the puck away from Mathews there.
  • Habs down to five defencemen for the next forever sobbing. Certainly gives Sergachev a chance to really, really show what he’s got.
  • This pronunciation of Sergachev is going to really, really bug me. /

Second Period

  • The bad news is that Jeff Petry isn’t coming back tonight, hopefully it’s just extremely precautionary, but wraps all remaining defencemen in bubblewrap. The good news is that the Habs open the period on the power play. Which is no longer the terrible curse it was last year.
  • SHEAAAAAAA. The Bell Centre is good and loud for the new guy.
  • Price is already in regular season form. It’s a thing of beauty.
  • I can’t believe that a team coached by Michel Therrien is outshooting a team coached by Mike Babcock while winning.
  • WOAH EMELIN. That was a spectacular play from him to stop a 1-on-0 Leafs breakaway.
  • Chucky with shorthanded chance number two from Shaw./

Third Period

  • The power play looks so much better, and it’s so nice not to cringe every time they go on the man advantage.
  • Desharnais on the PP. That’s so Habs
  • Oh dear...don’t get hurt Mike...
  • Oh my the Russian connection. Galchenyuk to Radulov to Galchenyuk. Wow. Just wow. What a goal. How about those hands.
  • Beaulieu has eight points in five games. Just saying.
  • Oy!! Stay away from Price.
  • Oh the thunderous “Carey” chants. Missed those a lot too.
  • ÄÄÄÄÄRRRRTAAAAANNNNN. Send him home. I dare you.
  • Hyman has been a pain all night, and Emelin lowers the boom.
  • That’s all she wrote. Habs win 6-1.
  • If that’s even a tiny taste of what this season has in store, I’m absolutely ok with it. /


Habs highlight of the night

A ridiculous give-and-go between Alex Galchenyuk and Alex Radulov:

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