Canadiens vs. Kings Top Six Minutes: Lost my heart to Los Angeles but not the Kings...

The Habs finish off their California trip on a high note.

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


  • A few years a go a left a big chunk of my heart in Los Angeles; never thought I would fall in love with the city, but it did. I still have a playlist with songs about Los Angeles on my phone for a rainy day.
  • Silver Lake and Echo Park - what memories.
  • I love early games for us in Europe, it rarely happens for Canadiens fans so it is special when we get a chance to see a game during ‘normal’ hours.
  • I have beers if needed, Montreal doesn’t seem to like California as much as I do.  /

First Period

  • French coverage today, and who sang the anthem?
  • We didn’t ice the puck first...? What’s going on?
  • MAX PACIORETTY!!!! with an almost empty net he makes no mistake. Montreal has the first goal!
  • Note to self, don’t check twitter - your feed is behind!
  • Kings seem to have woken up about eight minutes into the game. LA time is weird.
  • Jeff Petry with a nice shot, but a real ‘TV Save’ by Mr. Budaj.
  • Doughty tries to take L’Arttiste’s head off, well worthy of a Norris winner... right?
  • PowerKill™️
  • Weak call sends Mitchell to the box.
  • Brian Flynn had his passing set to 11, also known as “Paul Byron speed,” for the breakaway chance.
  • Pacioretty to the sin-bin. /

Second Period

  • Carter with the equalizer on the power play. Will the two PowerKills™️ that Montreal had comeback and haunt them in the end?
  • You can’t leave someone alone in front of the net to tap in a rebound...
  • It was 8-7 in shots, and 1-0 Montreal - its now 13-8 and 2-1 to LA in goals. The intermission was not kind to Montreal.
  • MAX PACIORETTY from nowhere... we have a tied game!
  • Price is so good you have to aim for the post and hope it gets in, this time for LA it went out after ringing the post though.
  • Thats another bad call - Montreal to the penalty kill again... for about 10 seconds.
  • Stupid call, stupid game and stupid score line...
  • Contact was made way before the shot, so good not to challenge the goal.
  • Compensation call...
  • RA-DU-LOV!!!!! He turns Carter inside out and scores a beauty!
  • This game is crap #NoDefence/

Third Period

  • SHAW ties it up early in the third! This game will finish 8-8 right?
  • A bit of a fight might be the most interesting thing that happened since the goal, and I don’t like fights.
  • Lehkonen with a trademark move; close but no cigar.
  • Galchenyuk to the dressing room... Collision with Kopitar, could be a knee injury.
  • David Desharnais gets the promotion.
  • A little bit of a flat period after the equalizer. /


  • Was that Weber playing extra goalie?
  • Raduov with a mad shift!
  • PowerKill™️ - after a Radulov effort.
  • POST! It hit the post....!
  • Radulov with another huge shift!/


  • Radulov with a master class penalty.
  • Sudden Death Penalties...
  • Byron vs Budaj - GOAL!/


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