Canadiens vs. Kings Top Six Minutes: You lose some ... and you lose some

The Habs now haven’t won since a shootout victory on opening night.

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

First Period

  • Pacioretty-Drouin-Galchenyuk? Dear sweet lord please let them light the world on fire.
  • Seconds in, and we've already had our first good-lord-Jonathan-Quick-where-are-you-going?? moment.
  • Poor John Bartlett. He sounds awful.
  • Montoya looks pretty sharp.
  • I haven't seen that many regular season Habs games this season, but this definitely is the best ten minutes I think I've seen them play so far.
  • Galchenyuk with a huge defensive backcheck. But didn't you know he's not defensively responsible?
  • Oh dear. Tiffer is down, and it was Chucky's fault.
  • Aaaaand back to the box he goes.
  • Booooo. They were doing so well too./

Second Period

  • At least this game the Habs are first to the pucks and hustling. Unlike last game...
  • Byron's having a pretty good game.
  • Wrong bench, Chucky! :D
  • Where has this Habs team been all season?
  • On the other hand, this will mean nothing if you don't score some more, boys...
  • They're really laying the praise on thick in this broadcast. Not that I mind, it makes a nice change.
  • Al has been SO good thus far.
  • The Habs do not look like a team that played last night.
  • The end of that period was not terrific though./

Third Period

  • Where is Gallagher. Why did he go off looking like something hurt last time he left the ice. IMNOTPANICKINGWHATAREYOUTALKINGABOUT.
  • The Habs are having trouble scoring goals, but sure, let's heap all the blame on the guy that regularly scores 30+ goals with very little help, why don't we.
  • So the Habs were doing good. and then complete garbage happens.
  • Boo that's definitely in. Why do the hockey gods hate this team.
  • That was a lovely play by Mete.
  • That on the other hand, that was a clusterf*ck.
  • Gally is back, and the Kings scored. I am happy, but also deeply unamused.
  • Poor Al Montoya. He deserved so much more than this.
  • Welp. Everything is awful. The Habs are never gonna win again.
  • Hat trick for Kempe.
  • 5-1 loss.
  • On to Anaheim./

Highlight of the night

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