Canadiens vs Jets Top Six Minutes: Goals! Goals! Goals!

Habs make up for their lackluster efforts against the Capitals in an offensive blowout versus the Jets. Danault and Lehkonen get two apiece.

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a  continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it  light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

First Period

  • After having their hats handed to them on Monday night, I really hope they come out with a little more vigor tonight. Do it for Al, boys.
  • That was the most dramatic pre-game montage I’ve seen since The Road to the Winter Classic. Don’t show me Gally, it just breaks my heart.
  • Emelin is not having any of Wheeler early on as he sends him barreling straight into the net.
  • Danault with a beauty of a rebound less than a minute in! 1-0 good guys. (Thank you for hearing my pleas)
  • Habs are doing a great job of keeping the Jets out of the offensive zone. Turning them away at every attempt.
  • BRIAN FLYNN knocked one in off Hellebuyck. 2-0 with 15 minutes to go.
  • Oh dear. Stafford finds Scheifele in the slot to make it 2-1.
  • And lovely. Habs follow up a goal against with a penalty in the offensive zone. Things are totally fine. Seven PPG in their last six games? Nope -- not worried.
  • Jeff Petry gets a holding call 1:10 seconds into Danault’s penalty. What happened here, guys?
  • Exhales. We made it out alive!
  • Perreault right in front of the net goes top shelf on Montoya. We’re tied up at two apiece.
  • Don’t look now, y’all, but Tomas Plekanec has two goals in as many games. Whatever bug he’s got is working for him. Montreal with the answer less than a minute later means bye-bye Hellebuyk.
  • There hasn’t been a goal in over three minutes. What kind of hockey game is this?/

Second Period

  • Oh, Brian Little notched his 400th point on the Perreault goal. People, stop reaching your milestones vs the Habs, please.
  • Andrighetto, off the bench, gets the tap in 55 seconds into the second! 4-2 Tricolore!
  • ...two icing calls in a row. Never change, boys.
  • Phillip Danault from end to end makes absolutely no mistake! Their D just gave up there. WHAT HAVE I BEEN TELLING YOU ABOUT THIS GUY?
  • Cool. Delay of Game penalty immediately after the 5-2 goal.
  • Yep. Totally fine. PPG for WPG. 5-3.
  • Danault came inches away from a hat trick with a tap that just couldn’t make it in. Oh, I hope he can get one, though.
  • It’s nice to hear words like “offensive” and “attack” strung together when it comes to the Habs.
  • Wheeler gets a slash on ‘Ghetto and it’s on to the power play!
  • Scheifele takes a blast from Weber. Still breathing.
  • No goal on the PP, but it didn’t look half bad.
  • Hey, look! Shots are 7-1 Habs this period with 14 minutes gone. That’s fun.
  • Byfuglien turned Daniel Carr into a pancake. Here I was hoping to make it out of this game without needing to copy/paste his name./

Third Period

  • Third frame kicks off with just as much speed as the previous two. It’s gonna be a fun one.
  • Pacioretty on the breakaway but he can’t get it home. It’s nice that this team can have 5 goals even when he doesn’t score.
  • Speaking of... Artturi Lehkonen with the simplest of tips from Shea Weber! 6-3 Canadiens. Where’s an Oprah gif when you need one?
  • Hearing the Olés rain down on the home team when the Habs are miles and miles from home gives me the warm and fuzzies.
  • Andrighetto gets the post. He’s finally making some noise.
  • Chiarot drives Montoya, and the Habs don’t like it. Matthias gets two for Unsportsmanlike Conduct.
  • LEHKONEN AGAIN! AND ON THE POWER PLAY! 7-3, and 10 goals for Prince Artturi on the season.
  • WPG doesn’t waste time. Ryan Johnston is stripped of the puck and Little goes five-hole on Montoya. Are we going to stop at 11 goals?
  • Johnston? Penalty? What? I’m sorry, okay? There are no lulls in this game and I needed a water break.
  • Winnipeg yanks their goalie with 3:40 to go. Time for either Danault or Lehkonen to bag that hat trick. Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets.
  • And that’s a wrap! Habs take it 7-4. Let’s do this again tomorrow night./

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Habs Highlight of the Night

Danault scores a beautiful goal after an end-to-end rush

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