Canadiens vs. Jets Top Six Minutes: Comeback, drama, overtime, and a needed win!

The Habs overcame a third-period deficit to pull off the road victory.


  • With the season going as it has so far for the Canadiens, I am up to watch the Punisher Of Pucks - Patrik Laine.
  • I am also thorn between wanting to win, and wanting to win the Rasmus Dahlin draw...
  • To help with this conundrum I have beer.  /

First Period

  • Lets hope for no Jets goals within the first 42 seconds...
  • Two minutes and no Montreal icings and even better - no goals for the Jets!
  • PowerKill™️
  • At least the PowerKill™️ is based in the offensive zone this time.
  • Big Mac to the box...
  • ... and that was all the Punisher of Pucks needed.
  • No second goal with in a minute, thats progress.
  • Montreal creating chances but cant get a bounce anywhere.
  • Back to the PowerKill™️
  • GOAL!!!! Mr Andrew Shaw with a tip in of a Drouin wrist shot. Tied Game!
  • There is hope!/

Second Period

  • Laine goes to the box.
  • Andrew Shaw gets another goal after a scramble in front of the net!
  • Gallagher gets thrown into the net, shortly after the goal, that should have been a call.
  • Montoya robs Laine when Laine is forgotten in front of the net.
  • I really like the Lehkonen-Drouin-Galchenyuk line.
  • Too many men on the ice for the Jets.
  • That was more of the regular PowerKill™️, but Canadiens keep the pressure up after it has expired.
  • Nice set up by Shaw, but Pacioretty, who misses the wide open net.
  • Jets seem to be losing their focus a little bit, stupid penalty for Morrissey to take.
  • Another robbery from Montoya on Laine!
  • and Jets score on the following face-off... Tied game./

Third Period

  • Petry playing baseball, thats not allowed, two minutes rest for the defender.
  • Ehlers really hit the target and Canadiens are down a goal.
  • Another power play for the Jets, all is well that ends well.
  • Montoya saves to have Canadiens still be in the game when Ehlers starts his rocket engine to fly past Plekanec.
  • And in the end Jets scores another...
  • Montreal can’t take these kind of penalties!!!
  • The Turtleneck Assassin!!! One goal difference again.
  • Can Montreal turn it around another time?
  • 40-19 in shots, and the Canadiens are still down...
  • Jeff Petry with the EQUALISER!!!!
  • I can’t watch this... Montoya hurt... He is back in the net, but that shot!!!/


  • Danault to Pacioretty but huge save from the Jets keeper.
  • Penalty, Galchenyuk draws one from Myers and we have a Montreal power play.
  • Patches with the WINNER!!!!/

Highlight of the night

EOTP 3 Stars




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