Canadiens vs. Islanders Top Six Minutes: I can see for Isles and Isles

The Habs know they’ve deceived you and here’s a surprise ... a win!


  • Great to see Andrew Shaw back in the lineup, even better to see Nikita Scherbak in as well.
  • Mike Reilly, I say this in the nicest way, but if you turn the puck over most of the fanbase will probably declare you a bad player.
  • Let’s do that hockey!/

First Period

  • Those Habs warm up jerseys for “Hockey is for Everyone” are just a million heart eye emojis.
  • “Noah Yuelson” look Sportsnet I get that he’s a gift for Habs fans but this is a bit much.
  • Who the hell is Tanner Fritz? It sounds like some generic name in FIFA when you’ve been playing for too long.
  • Oh look Mathew Barzal scored a goal again, also water is wet.
  • Great play by Brendan Gallagher to beat his old teammate to the puck, and draw a call in the process.
  • And the power play immediately gives up three shorthanded breaks, maybe we should reconsider how this man advantage works?
  • On the bright side at least the Islanders power play looks mediocre too?/

Second Period

  • I was partially paying attention to start this period, but in my defence I was listening to Mambo #5 because it was stuck in my head.
  • Oh my word, Alex Galchenyuk with the sweet moves to draw a call on Clutterbuck.
  • Meanwhile the Isles decided Jonathan Drouin should have roughly three hours to shoot the puck and now the Habs lead 2-1!
  • And Antti Niemi comes up big to keep that lead intact right after!
  • I am super here for the Habs putting their foot down, it’s been a huge issue with them as this season has gone on.
  • Well this is fun, if they’re gonna lose this game somehow, at least they’re fun to watch now./

Third Period

  • Oh, a penalty isn’t how I envisioned this period starting.
  • And that wasn’t really even a penalty on Jacob de la Rose, I think?
  • I don’t know what the hell got into Antti Niemi, but he continues to impress me in Montreal so far.
  • “Just give the puck to Barzal” Sportsnet has the right thinking here, but for my heart rate I’d really rather he didn’t touch the puck anymore in this game.
  • Hey guys, I love end to end hockey, but I also really need to grab something to drink so a whistle would be nice.
  • Seven minutes without a whistle for the second time in this game.
  • I don’t want to be prone to hyperbole, but if Charles Hudon scored on that breakaway I’d likely have needed my fainting couch.
  • I bet John Tavares’ stick wouldn’t have exploded if he played for the Habs.
  • (I’m only like 92% kidding)
  • Win!/

Highlight of the night

EOTP 3 Stars




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