Canadiens vs. Golden Knights Top Six Minutes: A Knight of Firsts

The big guns delivered, and Lindgren held down the fort

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Tonight's the night...or should we say... knight? The Golden Knights are the Habs' 54th NHL opponent. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Lindgren is answering the call once more, so let's see how this goes.

First Period

  • what world is Ottawa a hard building to play in??
  • Nice movement by the Habs. Puck movement, skating, etc. And it draws a power play. A pretty good power play at that.
  • Charlie Lindgren is ok.
  • So is Victor Mete. Good lord.
  • Also, Vegas should be ashamed. They got beat to an icing call by Tomas Plekanec.
  • Jordie Benn with a beauuutiful goal!!!
  • Remember that time the Golden Knights traded Calvin Pickard? Fun times!
  • Not sure if the Habs are doing an amazing job defending the blue line, or if the Golden Knights aren't challenging.
  • Both. It's probably both.
  • BGally wants another goal. I think they should give him one.
  • Habs playing really well, so naturally they take a penalty. And give up a goal. Jeff. Jeff, that was bad. At least it's not a power play goal?
  • So, with the exception of Petry getting walked for the VGK goal, that was a really good first period from the Habs./

Second Period

  • The first five minutes were slightly less good, but then Pacioretty scored, so all is right with the world.
  • Galchenyuk and Lehkonen look really good together. Oh. Drouin is there too. (I really like that line.)
  • Lindgren hasn't had a lot of work, but boy has he stepped up when needed.
  • Get. It. Out. Of. Your. Own. End.
  • At least the Habs are helping out their baby goalie.
  • Shea, it would be very helpful if you stopped ending up in the box...
  • Wowwwww. Thank you crossbar. And also Charlie.
  • Second period not quite as good as the first period, but hey. Habs still lead, so that's better than a lot of nights earlier this season./

Third Period

  • Aaand Lindgren starts the period with another save.
  • Drouin not coming back in the game?? Well crap.
  • Hey Habs, playing not in your end so much would be a really, really good thing.
  • Be ok Gally. Please be ok. Well, he stayed out there for a long hopefully he's ok ..and not just playing because he's a hockey player...
  • Habs are still doing a weirdly good job of keeping the puck in the offensive zone, or at least in their possession.
  • Please stop trying to break Gally. We need him.
  • Except now they're letting the Knights run them around their own zone.
  • Please go play on the other end of the ice...
  • Vegas is being very Denmark. Hanging around, and hanging around, and hanging around, and it's slightly nerve-wracking...
  • Little Paulie with a BIG hit!
  • Oh man. For all we ridicule the goalie situation in Vegas, Legace is doing pretty well right now.
  • Uhg. Like I said. Hanging around.
  • Well, that was an uncomfortably wild final minute or so. Cute little glove flourish by Lindgren there!
  • Habs win their first game against Vegas, Benn gets his first goal of the year, and Lindgren is the first rookie goalie to win his first five starts since Wayne Thomas! (This is also the first time I've ever heard of him.)
  • Habs win 3-2./

Highlight of the night

EOTP 3 Stars

3. Need to get a good sample size.

2. Novembeard?

1. Seriously, when will Jordie Benn score his next goal? Better have a little fun with this one.

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