Canadiens vs. Golden Knights Top Six Minutes: Let it stay in Vegas

Knights play Golden against lacklustre Habs.

After losing to the league trailing Arizona Coyotes, I have less than optimistic expectations for this game against a Vegas team that is currently second overall. In this case “less than optimistic” can probably just be considered realistic.

First Period:

  • I blinked, and we’re already down by one.
  • Bellemare went down, he got up again, but he looks a little unsteady.
  • Hunts goal may have gone in off Alzner, if it did, do we laugh or do we cry?
  • With their third goal being on their sixth shot, the Golden Knights shot 50% on Niemi.
  • Price is in.
  • Gorgeous Sherbak Goal!  THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT!/
  • Some very pretty passing from Sherbak to Galchenyuk. Bergevin permitting, that is something to look forward to next season./

Second Period:

  • Lots of Habs fans in Vegas, for a second I thought it was the Bell Centre.
  • Vegas scores it’s  fourth goal, but it’s their first on Price tonight.
  • ...and Vegas’s fifth is their second on Price tonight...
  • Those goals were only a couple seconds apart. The Habs are consistent if nothing else.
  • Montreal Power Play is killed off by Vegas./

Third Period:

  • Fleury makes a beautiful save on Hudon.
  • An icing by Price leads to the Knights sixth goal.
  • I guess there were no car seats in the Habs tank, because the young ones are not slacking.
  • POWER PLAY GOAL DROUIN! A Power Play goal. On the Power Play. By Montreal, who are 50% on the Power Play in this game. /
  • Price with two back to back highlight saves.
  • Montreal looks decent in the final minutes, but they needed this early the second, not late in the third.
  • 6-3 Vegas./

EOTP 3 Stars

No context needed.

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