Canadiens vs. Flyers Top Six Minutes: The losing continues

The Canadiens pulled defeat from the jaws of victory.


Fresh of losing five straight (which included an absolutely embarrassing loss to the Yotes), the Canadiens tank is well under way. Possessing the third worst record in the league, Montreal is now neck-and-neck with fellow bottom dwellers Ottawa in a race to Rasmus Dahlin. Many will enter, but only one will win the ultimate prize - a young Swedish PMD.

(...but just don’t mention the PMD part to Marc Bergevin)

First Period

  • Hold up, the Flyers totally not real, but real goalie only has an .895 SV%? And they still started him? The Flyers are just fucking with the Habs now.
  • Welcome to the NHL, where in the year 2018, it is still difficult to definitively tell whether the puck actually crossed the goal line via video review.
  • Remember when Dale Weise on the first line was the biggest problem with the Habs? Good times.
  • What’s a more difficult position to fill: #1 centre for the Habs or starting goalie for the Flyers? Discuss.
  • To celebrate a Montreal goal or not to celebrate a Montreal goal - that is the question.
  • The tank has momentarily been stalled, but there is plenty of time to reverse this./

Second Period

  • Another game, another Habs player ringing it off the post. This time, it’s Gallagher’s turn.
  • Seriously though, shouldn’t Price be taken off the ice after taking a puck to the face?
  • Tank commander Jordie Benn got to work, taking a blatant penalty to allow the Flyers to tie it right back up.
  • Brandon Manning thought he could beat Nicolas Deslauriers in a fight. Brandon Manning thought wrong.
  • Come on Philly, up your game already. How many more 2-on-1s do you need to go up a goal or two?/

Third Period

  • I want to care about something as much Brendan Gallagher cares about winning, even when knowing the rest of the team has checked out.
  • Stop it Paul Byron, stop ruining things (but nice goal though).
  • Another Habs player hits the post, as is tradition. This time it’s Drouin’s turn.
  • There is no way the Flyers are going to score two goals in under three minutes. Right? RIGHT??!!
  • Damnit Karl Alzner, you had one job. Damnit Flyers, you had one job!
  • Well, at least the Habs can still lose this thing./


  • With the trade deadline on the horizon, let the Max Pacioretty trade speculation begin!
  • Whelp, the Flyers really want to end OT early.
  • Voracek missed once in OT but he didn’t miss again./

Highlight of the Night

Jeff Petry did the thing!

EOTP Three Stars

1. Why didn’t the Habs think of this sooner?

2. You are not wrong.

3. Onwards and downwards.

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