Canadiens vs. Flames Top Six Minutes: Allen’s home game debut foiled by Calgary

It was a rough game peppered with penalties and Markstrom didn’t give an inch.

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  • I’m requesting a repeat performance of Thursday night. Complete with a Tkachuk smackdown. Thank you./

First period:

  • No Carey Price in net on a Saturday night. That’s just weird.
  • Flames get the first power play of the night thanks to Kulak. Let’s hope this doesn’t backfire.
  • As they say, hope is a girl’s name, not a strategy. When you leave Gaudreau wide open, dude’s gonna score.
  • You know what might help us even it up? Getting out of our own zone.
  • The first kerfuffle of the night results in four players heading to the box.
  • That is until Danault joins Romanov and Perry and the Flames get the man advantage once again.
  • Allen’s getting fancy now, making saves using Petry’s stick. As long as he’s keeping the puck out, he can use a golf club for all I care.
  • The closest call of the period goes to Suzuki but Markstrom is just a second faster.
  • Fifteen seconds left and the Habs finally head to their first power play after Mangiapane roughs up Drouin... right in front of the ref. /

Second period:

  • Valimaki is the latest casualty of a Weber shot. Thinking you should have just let that one pass through, hey Valimaki?
  • And we’re heading to another power play after Andersson heads to the box for roughing up Gallagher. The Flames are being pretty... rough... tonight.
  • Remember guys, you know how to score on the power play now.
  • We’re just going to keep trading power plays and getting nothing from it.
  • Anderson won’t return for the rest of the night?! What did I miss?
  • Weber off the post! We’re getting closer.
  • What the hell was that?! Kotkaniemi is flattened behind the net by Dube in a nasty way. Like a hit to the head kind of nasty.
  • And Weber’s the one to head to the box. Because, say it with me...
  • Then Drouin gets called for tripping when Ryan trips HIMSELF up in Drouin’s stick./

Third period:

  • Kotkaniemi is back on the bench, so yay!
  • Oh, hey! It looks like Markstrom may get himself a shutout. Good for him.
  • The Habs have 31 shots on goal and absolutely nothing to show for it.
  • Except for awesomely solid goaltending backing them up. Yes, awesomely solid.
  • We have nine minutes left. Enough suspense. Time to break out a shorty guys.
  • Allen heads to the bench and the pressure is on.
  • Tatar stops the empty netter with an inch to spare.
  • But the next shot goes in.
  • My shutout jinx attempt clearly didn’t work. /

EOTP 3 Stars

3. It’s always an anxious stretch

2. We tried

1. At least the Canucks and Senators are next

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