Canadiens vs. Devils Top Six Minutes: Divine Comedy

Like Dante’s Divine Comedy, the Habs started in Hell, slogged through Purgatory, and ended with a win they maybe didn’t deserve.

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

No Hall, no Palmieri, no Johansson, so they’re gonna light the Habs up aren’t they...

First Period

  • Drouin back makes the top six look so much better...
  • Dayum what a shot from Patch.
  • Well, this isn’t a good start...
  • At least Byron is back?
  • And they look better after that goal...
  • ...ok maybe Byron isn’t back. Great.
  • SHAWZY. TIE GAME. That deflection though. Also, what a shot by the superior Benn.
  • Aaaand Byron is back again.
  • Well that was an absolutely garbage power play./

Second Period

  • Andrew Shaw has been scoring some pretty goals lately, and trying some pretty plays too.
  • Oh Karl. Why. 5-on-3.
  • Button isn’t wrong. But good lord is he annoying.
  • That wasn’t the cleanest of kills, but they killed off.
  • #FreePetry
  • (From Alzner, not from the team)
  • Oh lord. Why. Instead of Jerabek, we have this.
  • I always forget that Petry has one hell of a shot.
  • Dear Habs, please get yourselves together.
  • Galchenuk heard me. He’s looked pretty good tonight./

Third Period

  • Please do something interesting, guys.
  • Passing to Alzner doesn’t count. I’m looking at you Chucky and Charles.
  • So like, I’m usually against yelling at a team to shoot, but at some point, you really do have to shoot the damn puck....
  • And not at your own teammates...
  • GAH!!! Thank you, Carey....
  • Well, at least they’re still skating. Maybe. Byron is still skating.
  • God damn it. Not Pacioretty. fricking frickity frick frack.
  • Gosh, Chucky sure came back with a vengeance on that shift.
  • Well, apparently Patch really is Wolverine, because he’s back./


  • Pretty nifty OT lines there.
  • DOESN’T MATTER. HAD PLEKS. That sure is one way to end a 17 game scoreless streak.
  • What a play by Hudon, Habs win 2-1 in OT!/

Highlight of the Game

Doesn’t matter, had Pleks. (Oh, Hudon was there too)

EOTP 3 Stars

3. What goal song did they use in the 70s?

2. Ah, the good old days

1. One-on-three? No problem for the rookie

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