Canadiens vs. Devils Top Six Minutes: A makeshift group fights back

The game threatened to be a rout early, but the Canadiens didn’t allow that to be the result.

First period

  • Taylor Hall just about extends his points streak to 26 game on the first shift.
  • Brendan Gallagher just jumped around to the back side of his man while following the puck into the zone and pulled it directly off the boards into the slot. Could have been a quick strike goal had another forward been in front.
  • Nikita Scherbak is just a little over-eager to start this one, first with jumping into the offensive zone early and then attempting to shoot the puck with it no longer on his stick. One he settles into the game it looks like he could be a factor.
  • Feeling some contact from a Devils player, Charlie Lindgren goes down hoping for a call, unfortunately, the puck comes his was at the same time, and it’s a 1-0 game.
  • Artturi Lehkonen shot has been finding everything but the back of the net this season. This time he finds Alex Galchenyuk attempting a screen in front.
  • Mike Reilly looks very good while handling the puck. That might be the best use of a fifth-round pick since the team selected Charles Hudon in 2012.
  • Some player named Blake Coleman just made it 2-0.
  • Jacob de la Rose takes a penalty as far away from his own net as he could possibly be. If he’s not careful he may turn into Benoit Pouliot.
  • And the Swede makes the skate of shame back to the bench as the Devils score a third goal.
  • Not much chance for Lindgren on a tip with a player standing right in front of him; two completely open sticks
  • Another penalty taken behind the Devils’ goal line. This one is four minutes to Andrew Shaw.
  • Taylor Hall gets to 26 games with a goal just secons into the first minor. It’s a shooting gallery in front of Lingren, and he probably won’t be back in to start the second.
  • 4-0 after one period. Excuse me while I go delete the last line in the game preview about this being a low-scoring game./

Second period

  • Lindgren is back in after all.
  • Rinat Valiev was used sparingly in the first to let him adjust to the NHL pace. No reason to worry about that for the rest of this game.
  • The Canadiens get their own power-play chance, but nothing comes of it. Devils nearly use it to their advantage as Coleman surprises Reilly right out of the box to strike quickly the other way.
  • Travis Zajac knocks down Phillip Danault from behind and presses on his neck, After missing significant time with a concussion from a Zdeno Chara slapshot to that area, Danault is not very happy about that, chasing the Devils centreman and tackling him at centre ice.
  • Where would the Canadiens be if Gallagher had been one of the players hurt at the first of the year? Best not to think about that. He scores his 24th to make it somewhat close.
  • Apparently Patrick Maroon was traded to the Devils, because he just made if 5-1.
  • Poor Lindgren. 6-1. Hard to be too upset about Brian Boyle scoring a goal however.
  • De le Rose has the open net, and after two tries he knocks in his second goal of the season./

Third period

  • No goalie change. Poor Lindgren.
  • Keith Kinkaid is looking the wrong way outside fo the net with the puck in the Habs’ possession, but Karl Alzner clanks one off the post. RDS shows him shaking his head in disgust on the bench.
  • Daniel Carr gets a penalty for coming to the defence of his teammate. That will probably earn him a spot in the press box for the next game.
  • De la Rose scores again. The young guys like the bust their slumps with multi-goal efforts.
  • Byron Froese makes it 6-4 with just over a minute left, and the Habs actually have a chance.
  • They didn’t get any closer, but it was an entertaining finish at least./

Highlight of the night

EOTP 3 Stars

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