Canadiens vs Capitals - Top Six Minutes - Some games you don't get the bounces

11-1-0 against the Southeast isn't so bad.

  • Puck luck is a funny thing. The Canadiens have had it far more often this season than not, but tonight was not one of those nights.
  • Sometimes the Habs have managed to win even when they aren't getting the bounces, but when Chris Lee is in charge of the game, the Habs aren't going to get many powerplays to take advantage of.
  • The Capitals are playing playoff hockey, and by that I mean they're getting away with murder. It's been a long while since we've seen a game officiated that poorly, but since we're playing Buffalo next, count on it being just as bad on Thursday.
  • Speaking of puck luck, when is it going to turn for Max Pacioretty? 14 shot attempts on the night, 5 on net, and again no goals. Shooting at an average level for a player of his talent, Pacioretty would have 17 goals on the year.
  • On a positive note, how about the recent play of Lars Eller and Alex Galchenyuk? We knew it was coming as they hadn't been getting the bounces, but a 4 game point streak for Galchenyuk now.
    Remember when Sergio Momesso suggested they scratch Galchenyuk in favour of Michael Blunden against Boston? Yeah that's why we complain about those kinds of people getting paid for their analysis.
  • Give credit to the Capitals for their positioning, as they blocked 34 shots, more than they allowed (29)
  • More dumb commentary, Bobby Dollas says he didn't sense urgency from the Canadiens until the last few minutes. After the first 10 minutes of the game, the Canadiens outshot the Capitals 29-19. Shot attempts over that period were 76-35. No urgency at all.
  • Nathan Beaulieu was actually having a rough night on possession, but part of that was playing a lot in the first few minutes where the Capitals actually outplayed the Canadiens. Then he grabbed his second assist in 3 NHL games and made the end of the game interesting. Talented kid.
    The last two Habs games there have been a whopping 4 minor penalties between both teams. I can't help but wonder if Claude Julien's embellishment bullshit has had an effect as I watch Habs players get hooked, tripped, held, interfered with and cross checked.
  • The Canadiens have been losing a bit more often lately, but it's better to have these "struggles" now than in the playoffs.
  • Funny/infuriating note of the night. The Capitals' second goal was called a goal after the NHL ruled that Eric Fehr's high stick didn't touch the puck. 5 minutes later the goal was awarded to Eric Fehr. Yeah.../

EOTP Three Stars:

  1. We don't normally give stars out to our own writers, but 9 recs gives the first star to Bruce Peter for his nickname countdown: "Ooh, just realized we can call Drewskie Dre for short. Which means we can make ‘Forgot about Dre' references: Newf - Plexo - Gio, MaxPac - DD/Dezzy - Melons. Double Agent - Great Dane/Lego - MVP, Saskhab1 - Old Balls - Swedish Chef, Straight Man - Primetime, The General - Dre, Cube - Dudebro, Jesus, (St. Peter)"
  2. Courtnall with a request for Andrei Markov: "I would like to hear Markov say "Drewiskie"
    I bet it would sound like something from a bad 1980s cold war movie."
  3. JonPublic with an accurate image to describe Lars Eller's game against Washington tonight: 41vbgbkptpl

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