Canadiens vs. Capitals Top Six Minutes: Bouncing Back

Goals from Gallagher, Lehkonen, and company help Habs bounce back in a strong win against the Capitals

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

  • No Eller is a very sad thing for this fan.
  • We have Mike Johnson!!!!/

First Period

  • Montreal's first look at the defending champions. This should be interesting...
  • Matthew Peca is a joy to watch.
  • Gally goals are the best kind of goals. It is known. Same can be said for Gally grins.
  • Joel Ward gets his first point on that glorious goal from Chaput.
  • Speaking of glorious, that's definitely the word I'd pick to describe Axel Jonsson Fjällby's flow.
  • Ward is definitely still a player.
  • Shots are 12-0 Habs. This is wild.
  • Caps have their first shot on net. It only took them 15:45.
  • JDLR with the snipe!!! Swedish connection there, as Lukas Vejdemo gets the primary assist/

Second Period

  • "Tom Wilson finds the oddest places to take penalties” - Mike Johnson (he's so right).
  • Well, despite seeing almost no action, Charlie Lindgren is definitely awake.
  • PRINCE ARTTURI. Perfect pass, perfect deflection — as you might expect from Artturi Lehkonen and Brendan Gallagher.
  • “Death, taxes, and one-timers.” An Alex Ovechkin power play goal from that spot on the ice, and no one is surprised. There are even cheers from the fans.
  • Too much man.
  • Can we please have Mike Johnson on every broadcast forever please?
  • uhg.
  • Alain and Vejdemo with some hustle there.
  • Please do not decapitate Charles.
  • Oh they made Gally mad.
  • Joel Ward just saved Rinat Valiev from certain death against Tom Wilson./

Third Period

  • While it's certainly against an AHL Capitals squad with only a few of their top players, seeing the Habs bounce back after Wednesday's disaster is quite nice.
  • Please stop passing the puck directly to the Capitals, Habs.
  • Ward draws his second power play of the game.
  • Throughout the ups and downs of this pre-season, one thing has been consistent. The Habs are speedy this year.
  • Now, if only they could pass cleanly...
  • Wait...that went... IN? Good thing Ward saved Valiev earlier.
  • This might be the Habs’ best kill of the night...I say as the Capitals hit the post...
  • Well, that was fun!!
  • HABS WIN 5-2!!/

Highlight of the Game

Practically perfect in every way.

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