Canadiens vs. Capitals Top Six Minutes: Carey Price earns his 250th win

The Habs’ MVP hits a milestone during Montreal’s victory over Washington

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Price is playing for his 250th win.  This should be a good one.

First Period

  • First game against former Canadien Lars Eller, but yes, sure, lets continue discussing the Subban trade. I have heard nothing about this trade. Nothing.
  • Gallagher is going to score today. He came out to win.
  • Ovechkin has described his shot as “muffin”, I want to know what kind of muffins he has been eating.
  • Broken stick count is at 1 (Carlsson, Washington)
  • Just one save for Holtby...the Habs only took the one shot though so he’s doing okay.
  • That was a penalty, also that. What is a whistle?
  • Lehkonen tucks it into the net, nice and cozy. /

Second Period

  • Carey Price continues to Carey Price.
  • It’’s refreshing to have the other teams power play be unimpressive.
  • I came out to watch incredible goalies be incredible, and I would appreciate if the skaters could throw some more pucks at them.
  • I mean, uh... nice save Price.
  • 5 on 3 for Washington, this is going to end well...
  • ...and quickly
  • I do NOT want to hear the words “Weber” and “in pain” together in that order.
  • Petry is having a good week.
  • I wish the Caps would break their sticks over things that are not our players.
  • Beaulieu gets ten minutes, because sure, why not?/

Third Period

  • Weber is on the bench. Thank the hockey gods.
  • Beaulieu is still out. I believe the call was ten minutes for sarcasm.
  • GALLAGHER SCO-really tries hard. He does.
  • Washington needs to keep better track of Lehkonen.
  • Markov is hurt. I retract my previous statement to the hockey gods.
  • Solid defensive play by our current sixth defenceman, the cross bar.
  • Game over. Habs hang on 2-1, with Price earning win 250! /

EOTP 3 Stars

Third star: An astute observation
Second star: Put him on the plane back to Montreal
First star: Finally the injuries can end! Although there was that Weber blocked shot after you arrived. And a lower-body injury to Markov. And Radulov was down and out for a bit. Charles Hudon was seen wearing a walking boot. Jacob de la Rose had ice taped to both legs after the game versu...

Habs Highlight of the Night

Max Pacioretty finds a sneaky Jeff Petry:

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