Canadiens vs Canucks Top Six Minutes: Six Straight

The Montreal Canadiens are winners of six straight!

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Davidson and Petry in western Canada, and Emelin scratched, I’m looking forward to seeing how this goes!  Carey’s home Gally’s home, should be a good night. Can they make it six in a row?

Price misses the mountains. I feel ya, Carey. I feel ya.

First Period

  • Intellectually, I know Benn is on the Canadiens, and yet I’m still caught off guard when he’s mentioned.
  • Scorrey Mitchell's back, guys!!
  • There are a LOT of Habs fans at that game. My goodness.
  • Why do teams feel the need to break Brian Flynn. Why is this a thing that always happens.
  • And now the momentum is all Habs! Which probably means that they’ll allow a dumb goal in about two seconds...
  • This is so weird. I know who all the guys on the Habs are, but I don’t know about half the numbers.
  • Wait...was that Beaulieu and Weber???
  • And now Mitchell is missing. Why do the hockey gods hate my teams.
  • Oh boy things are getting crazy now. Hey. This looks like a real power play. Sort of. At least it’s not actively bleeding scoring chances against!
  • Oh goodness, Carey./

Second Period

  • Scorrey is back. Now we can breathe. Or maybe that’s just me.
  • The third line is looking pretty darn good.
  • PleaseLetGallagherBeOkPleaseLetGallagherBeOkPleaseLetGallagherBeOkPleaseLetGallagherBeOkPleaseLetGallagherBeOkPleaseLetGallagherBeOkPleaseLetGallagherBeOk
  • Oh. He’s fine.
  • Every time I see the third line, they seem to be in the offensive zone.
  • There are a LOT of Habs fans in Vancouver.
  • Gallagher is getting all of the chances tonight. That means ONE DAY SOON he’s going to score, right? Right????
  • WOAH. The Habs outshot Vancouver 16-4 in the period??? That’s impressive./

Third Period

  • Vancouver looks good. It’s making me nervous...
  • Speaking of looking good, Davidson and Benn look great.
  • The crowd’s getting restless. I’m getting restless. The line blender is on at full force.
  • Either that, or they’re double-shifting Galchenyuk...which would be super cool...
  • Habs, please spend some time not in your own zone...
  • The chants of “Carey, Carey, Carey” have followed the Habs from Montreal!!
  • At least after talking endlessly about how he kept losing faceoffs, they’re now pointing out how many he’s winning.
  • They ARE double shifting Chucky!! What brave new world is this!
  • Ew. Why. No.
  • Alright boys. Time to get more goals. I nominate Gally.
  • Or, you know, anyone wearing white.
  • Anyone at all.
  • *Internal screaming*
  • Waaay too much time in the defensive zone, boys. Wayyyyyy too much time.
  • Sneaky Lehk is sneaky.
  • Cramarossa is definitely going to score tonight. I can feel it.
  • The Habs are never going to leave the defensive zone again.
  • AHHHH Habs please stop giving me a heart attack!/


  • Yay a point?
  • I love watching Max Pacioretty skate.
  • Watching Paul Byron is an awful lot of fun too!
  • Chucky to Byron is the best of all though!!!
  • HABS WIN 2-1.

Highlight of the Game

Mitchell’s slump-busting eighth of the year was a beauty.

EOTP Three Stars of the Game

Third star: Worth it

Second star: Harsh

First star: 5-0

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